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User Info: Shinobi1001

5 months ago#1
My characters are all in the lower level 80s and dukes 3rd form absolutely destroys me. He hits too hard and I’m even playing on easy! Must be impossible on hard.

How to beat this overpowered cheap boss?

User Info: Diegoguillen

5 months ago#2
Try to use a Divide-All and spam Gale Dog with Repede when he overlimits so that, after the Big Bang or Brave Vesperia, you have one character still at full. Also, the restored fell arms are recieved before the battle, and they are VERY strong, so use them if you have trouble.

User Info: Diegoguillen

5 months ago#3
Oh, and 3rd form Big Bang is MADE to leave you at 1 HP. In Hard, it kills Duke's target, and in Unknown mode... There he kills everyone, so invencibility is a must.

User Info: chrcol

5 months ago#4
level 80 is easily high enough to survive his attacks.

So the first problem is why your defense is under stat'd, or is he still needing to hit you multiple times but you just not playing good enough to get through it?

So first to check is enable all skill that raise physical defense. Plus get top tier armour equipped.

Also learn revive for estelle and use it like candy in the fight.
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User Info: laundrysucks

4 weeks ago#5
I used Estelles revive to make sure my team could tank his mystic artes. But also, Repede has a skill where he can apply gels to all characters. Combine that with special gels and your entire team can get a 50 (55 if you have the hp/tp recover skills turned on)% hp and tp recover at once.

Also, you can equip rebirth dolls if you don't want to use Estelle and/or don't have the Revive arte.
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User Info: sephigui

4 weeks ago#6
spiral draco was insanely harder for me , did you beat him?
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