Where'd the draekon guide go? :(

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  3. Where'd the draekon guide go? :(

User Info: stawg007

5 years ago#1
i wanted to go through this game again and get 1000/1000 and remember that guide being awesome, covered all sidequests, all missable cooking stuff, titles etc

but it's gone :( i know kouli's is still out there but the guide on the draekon forums was much better

does anyone know where it's gone or can anyone suggest a guide i can use that covers all the missable stuff like his does with minimal reading?

il use drache's guide if i have to but id rather be playing more than il be reading

edit: i see that there is a sidequest guide on this site and it also shows where the different wonderchef locations are, has anyone used this guide and everything worked out ok?

User Info: gildedtalon

5 years ago#2
You'll miss Judith's spear if you use that guide and some other quests

User Info: 123jimmy10

5 years ago#3
I did not miss Judith's Spear when I used it. I got the brionac just fine.


Just be sure not to leave Arnion before examining the b lastia
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  3. Where'd the draekon guide go? :(

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