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User Info: raidenjb

10 years ago#11
I also suggest Phaeroh's desert (real name escaping me) go into the actual desert during the day and gather up a link of 3 monsters so that you have 8 or so total monsters in battle. I tried this trick for the first time there last night since the fire bats/spirits and so are are weak to water. I had one chain that I used for 30 mins was a little over a 600 chain (had a couple 100-200's while I got use to the process) and ended with 2138 grade while only using 1 dice. I also did not juggle with thunder blade, cause unless it has another name I don't have that spell for Rita. Just another option that works.

User Info: DarkKy619

10 years ago#12
lol to avoid the charging just change the formation to have rita in the back and everyone else in front >_> everything else isn't too bad tho.

User Info: DoWeKiteFaust

10 years ago#13
Where do I get the Sword Whip from that has OVL Bonus 2? I've looked everywhere, but to no avail.

^Anyone know this? Also, does unspent grade carry over to your new game EX?

User Info: never_again

10 years ago#14
The weapon with ol bonus 2 is found in the crystal place that you go to kill the spirit in. I forget the name but if you are end-game you know what im talking about, its the dungeon you go to after getting the


spirit from phaeroh


Its found somewhere in that dungeon, just do a thorough search and use the sorcer ring lvl 3 to burn any crystals

User Info: Phadin

10 years ago#15
Accidentally triggering a mystic arte shouldn't be a problem if you disable Special skill.

User Info: loserboy51

10 years ago#16
I think its easier on my thumb to just map tidal wave to all 4 shortcuts with the RS. It also eliminates the accidental burst art.

User Info: Welch-Vineyard

10 years ago#17
I have a problem in saying Mystic Arte when i mean Burst Arte :<

User Info: never_again

10 years ago#18
bump and tagged for great justice! lets get this stickied!

User Info: Duo_Maxwell86

10 years ago#19
Thank you sir, this sounds really useful.
"If you let your guard down any lower you'll trip over it." -Raven
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User Info: VeghEsther

10 years ago#20
I destroyed most of the crystals in that dungeon yet the only skills you posted that I had Rita know are only Spell End, Minimal Damage and Light Magic.

But I don't know where and how to get the other weapons for the rest of the needed skills.
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