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User Info: Welch-Vineyard

10 years ago#1
Hay guys lets talk about getting grade.

You may have noticed that, if you've been playing the Tales series for a while, you're getting an absurd amount of grade for your fights! Do not panic, Banco merely upgraded the prices for everything and instead are ruining your dreams of running around with enough grade to get everything.

But don't fret! With the absurd amount of grade that you get, it was only natural that, infact, there would be a way to exploit it and become showered in delicious grade.

And I, Welch Vineyard, am on the case, here to help you dive in a giant grade pool and drown to death in it.

Let's start now with...

The basics

Clearly, you should be near the end of the game. Just to make it clear, the end of the game has nothing to do with The Enduring Shrine of Zaude.

You will want the Level 4 Sorcerer's Ring. Head back to Myorzo and talk to the elder to begin the Fell Weapons quest. Afterwards, with the sword Abysson, Head to the Deiser Aer Krene, the rock formation near Nordipolica. If you somehow can't find it, simply fly north from the manor of the wicked. After an event there, head inside and you get your upgraded ring.

You will need these items:

Three Blue Dice: These are upgraded versions of regular dice. However, you only get one regular dice per game. However, two more may be found. One within The Forest of Keiv Moc, behind a bush burnable by your Sorcerer's ring at the end of it, and another in the very last dungeon. If anyone can provide an exact location for this, it would be great.

One Wonder Symbol. This item reduces the time it takes from the casting of a spell to act again. Essential to get out the more spells required.

Because most don't know where to get the skill: Psychadelica +1. Comes with the skill Spell End.

User Info: Welch-Vineyard

10 years ago#2
The artes, skills and your allies

This is the fun part.

Rita Is the star of the show here, and you will be controlling her. The main spells of use with her will be Tidal Wave, Thunder Blade, and in another case not related to farming grade(instead just farming items), Bloody Howling.

Now, Rita's skills are pretty much the important part. She MUST have the following skills:

Minimum Damage - Reduces all damage caused to 1.
Spell End - Preforms like and stacks with the Wonder Symbol
OL Bonus 2 - On occasion fully restores Rita's TP.
OL Boost - Extends the Overlimits time
TP Recover - increases the amount of TP healed from gels.
Reducer - Reduces the TP for a skill being used repeatedly.
Light Magic - Reduces casting time, TP consumption, damage of spells.

Recommended skills: These things can really help
Spirits, 2, 3: Get that TP to 999
Combat Force: Adds even more TP still.
Stun Magic: Can save an accidentally broken chain (see below)

Repede Is the second person in your party. He will restore your TP and do so with a well done attitude. All he requires is the following skills:

Item Thrower: Hurr
Item Pro 3: Increases the effects of items used

The other two party members are unimportant, save that they (and repede) have a blue dice equipped, and have a Taunt skill enabled

Over to the strategy menu.
Don't use the moderate template for this, as it is your normal fighting one. Instead, switch over to one of the others and edit it. Name it grade if you want.

Here is the settings for everyone:

Target: Help Allies
HP: Avoid Risk
TP: Do Not Use
Action: Defend
Position: Keep Distance
:Item Set Repede to Watch TP, otherwise Do Not Use
OVL Do not use
FS: Do Not Use

Behold, your preprations are complete! Now set the game mode to Hard, we're going grade farming.

The Unending Pressing of A

Firstly, sit a good distance from the screen and be prepared to look at a small area of it for ten or so minutes.

Positioned well? Good.

Head to Halure at Night. The monster we are looking for here are Generator Boars (dark blue ugly things). Why?

They are weak to water. This may not be anything interesting at first, since you have minimum damage, but note that hitting something with it's weak element, no matter how much damage you actually do, earns you more grade.

They come in a huge pack. You only need to link two to get this started well. You're looking for a pure 8 Generator boar fight.

And finally, the actual production, what you've been waiting to do all this time.

As the battle starts, MASH that Y button until the menu comes up. Immediately set the strategy to your preset grade one. If you do not have at least one overlimit bar, toss out a limit bottle.

If you had to use a limit bottle: Immediately after you toss the limit bottle out, guard. Most of them will charge Rita, the jerks. When they settle down, Pop your overlimits, level one, out. I doubt you'd have gotten all of them knocked into the air with it, so now proceed to if you didn't have to use one.

If you didn't have to use a limit bottle: Overlimits Level 1(right on the control pad), and immediately cast Thunder Blade.

User Info: Welch-Vineyard

10 years ago#3
Here's the good part now.

Thunder blade will hit the lead monster, and those around it. They will stop, stunned as the second part of the spell hits. By this time, you can start mashing your tidal wave button, hopefully you set it to Neutral A. As the Thunder Blade explodes, it should toss every enemy into the air. That is the good part. This will net you at least a third of your grade if you don't drop them, because from being knocked up, they will land into a tidal wave and, hopefully, juggle infinitely.

Now, all you do is press Tidal Wave. Pay attention to her overlimits bar and use level 1 every time it ends. As a measure, you can get out Seven Tidal Waves per overlimits.

IMPORTANT Be sure that as you mash it, you don't hold it down for more than half a second. You'll do a mystic arte and all will go to hell, and your cat will die.

Your TP will be refreshed by OL Boost 2 and Repede tossing Orange and Pineapple gels at you. Tidal Wave's TP cost will go down to 25 per cast.

Your Overlimits guage will probably max out from doing an infinite combo vs 8 monsters, and the taunting, so you will never run out. Don't use over level 1 though.

I reccomend you do this for about 10-15 minutes, then end the fight by tossing out Fatal Strikes and killing the whole lot. You will gain from 1000-1300 grade at the LEAST. For 10-15 minutes of work, that's not too bad, considering that if you wanted to get all of the good stuff from the shop, it's about 15000 grade. Not to mention the grade you got from playing the game as is.

And finally, this guide is open to any modification you feel would help at all in the process.

Some results: (i wasn't even fighting anything weak to water...)

User Info: Welch-Vineyard

10 years ago#4
Oh, the above pictures were the result of a single 383 FS chain.

One last tidbit I almost forgot.

You can use this same method, altered a little bit, to farm a particularly hard to get item. One thing comes to mind is Colored Star Gems.

If vs Multiple enemies: Stick with the above method, but be sure to kill the enemy at the end of your chain with a fatal strike.

If vs Single: Ignore Thunder Blade and instead of Tidal Wave, you're now spamming Bloody Howling.

I generally end them at around 20-30 chain.

User Info: KudZu

10 years ago#5
Awesome, thanks.

User Info: Welch-Vineyard

10 years ago#6
I'd disregard any comments i made about getting more grade by attacking the weak point for massive damage. You don't get any at all, you just lose grade if you attack with a resistant one.

However, those boars still stand as a great spot to get grade. I just finished a 16 minute battle for 1600+ish grade, a 400ish FS chain and 3200+ hits.

User Info: HiryuuMax

10 years ago#7
Where do I get the Sword Whip from that has OVL Bonus 2? I've looked everywhere, but to no avail.
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User Info: Deadly_Guy

10 years ago#8
This topic gets two thumbs up -- One for the actual information inside, and another for the title alone. Great stuff.
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User Info: JPNat

10 years ago#9
Why do you need all this unnecessary stuff like Repede having skills to give gels, increased TP, and even gels in the first place? Just get in an encounter with 8 or more guys (near capua nor is good) and you'll always be able to get to overlimit 3 which means your spells don't cost anything to cast. You can literally go until everything dies which can take about 20 minutes and get you ~2000 grade.
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User Info: KanonKross

10 years ago#10
Also, if you want the smallest bit of bonus, put it on manual as well, since she doesn't have to move. It earns an extra .25 :p
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