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User Info: Red4Raven

6 years ago#1
I just got this game and I was wondering what does the AC do? I found the armor and weapons decrease AC and spells lowers AC on casters and allies so should I try to lower my AC as much as possible? Also how can I tell how strong a weapon is? I don't see any numbers showing their power. Thanks!
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User Info: RuneEsper

6 years ago#2
Sorry for long delay, not exactly an active board. Yes, you should try to keep the AC of your front line as low as possible.

As far as weapons go, unfortunately there is no way in game to know what works well and what doesn't. You'll just have to use a guide of some kind there, although to get you started the Estoc is the best weapon in the shop; when you reach level three, pick up the Rapier in the shop as well. More hits is always better, and both of those weapons give an extra attack. If you get lucky, you can find an extra Estoc as a drop.
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