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User Info: Frenkovic

11 years ago#1
Hooray; I got it!

I've played this game for some time; sometimes twice a week and then I wouldn't touch it for 2 months. When I was near the end I started to fill my trophy gaps and BOOM, today I earned my last: All seeds garden 15...

Just wanted to share it with the rest of the fans of this great game!

User Info: beege_man

11 years ago#2
Nice job! I remember when me and my friend managed 100% before the expansion. Felt like quite the accomplishment and took us quite awhile with some gaps in time just like you. Looks like we're doing about the same thing now with the expansion as well. We played a bunch when it first came out, but haven't touched it in a month or so. I gotta get us back on that so we can 100% it again!

User Info: beege_man

11 years ago#3
So much for going for 100%...

Note to my fellow PS3 gamers... fear the YLOD. Back up your game saves frequently or theres a good chance you could lose them all. If your PS3 dies theres no way to get your data off the hard drive. This has all been quite an unpleasant shock to me.

User Info: Whitefall

11 years ago#4
I had the dreaded YLOD, replaced the power supply, and now the PS3 runs like a champ again.

As for the easiest trophy, I would just play the first level and open all the seeds.

User Info: beege_man

11 years ago#5
Ironically I did manage to fix my YLOD by following some vids on YouTube to reflow my processor, but in my frantic desperation to back up the data on the hard drive in some way, I had plugged it into my PC. When I fixed my PS3 the next day it asked me to format the hard drive because it no longer recognized it. ...so I basically screwed myself and destroyed all my save game data for no reason.
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