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  3. Do you guys actually like this game?

User Info: Keyeszx

10 years ago#11
I always thought eden was the best. I must have mixed the two up before I knew which was which.

User Info: BabyLarva

10 years ago#12
I don't know why you need anything more than the demo.

User Info: beege_man

10 years ago#13
You have no idea what you're missing if all you've played is the demo...

User Info: saragat

10 years ago#14
It does get super frustrating at times, especially before the patch where you could fail just before the last spectra, and have to play it over again (God-damned gravity-switch level!!!)

I really like the music, love the visuals, and find most of the game-play satisfying when you get good at it and start pulling off crazy moves.

User Info: RagAndBoneMan3

10 years ago#15
It does have remote play and other than it looking a little fuzzy it works perfectly.
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User Info: guardian_owl

10 years ago#16
Like the game, hate the time limit.
I guess the best way to describe Rez is if a DJ game and Star Fox had a baby, and that baby was on acid...

User Info: liinn

10 years ago#17
I love it. A lot. A lot of pressure to make very little mistake, but there's still room to switch plan, or perfect some parts to make up for mistakes when things go wrong.

It was a tad too hard for me though, I'm no hardcore gamer. I was just on the borderline of being unable to get all trophies.

User Info: kirbyhoakage

10 years ago#18
The game just takes to long othere then that its pretty good. The game reminds me of rampage world tour games where you got to do alot of the same stuff over and over and it just takes to long to progress in this game or 100% a lvl.
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  3. Do you guys actually like this game?
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