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User Info: Urielsama

11 years ago#1
I just bought the unlock key today, but I don't seem to be able to find the game. Could someone help me ?
What's a false move ? Is it very different from a real one ?

User Info: beege_man

11 years ago#2
Have you ever downloaded the demo? If so it should be in your previous downloads list. If you haven't... it could be tricky. I've heard its difficult to find some of these older games now. Try going through all the demos alphabetically and see if you can find the demo and install that, then redownload and install the unlock key.

User Info: Urielsama

11 years ago#3
Fortunately I downloaded the demo some time ago, thanks for the help ! ^^
What's a false move ? Is it very different from a real one ?

User Info: Squeeky

11 years ago#4
I did the demo first and then the key. All worked fine. Good deal for $5!

User Info: cat29f

11 years ago#5
I heard good things, thought I'd give it a shot for five bucks. It's not hard to find if you read the labels on all the folder headings properly on the PSN, knowing that it's not a disc-based game and you're not buying an add-on. It was buried deep but luckily not difficult.

And I'm glad I did give it a shot! This game is pretty addictive. I put my platinum trophy hunt in Prototype on hold for this and LittleBigPlanet.
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