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User Info: dumpling321

11 years ago#1
i bought this game a week ago and today they started a sale for the game HALF OFF!! this is complete BS!! i could have gotten this AND savage moon for the price i spent on this...

on another note i LOVE THIS GAME!! it was totally worth the money i spent on it... i just wish i would have known so i could have saved $5 xD
(='.'=) CANT WAIT FOR AMERICAN MCGEE'S ALICE 2 WOOT... oh, and my PSN is dumpling321

User Info: beege_man

11 years ago#2
lol Yeah, thats the way sales go. They really suck sometimes. I was a bit frusterated that I already own almost every game on sale. But yeah, this game is quite fun, especially multiplayer.

User Info: CrossXhunteR

11 years ago#3
i bought it the day of yet before the update
PSN- CrossXhunteR MGO- CrossXhunteR
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