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User Info: Danyel69

10 years ago#1

We just got the guitar hero aerosmith for the wii and the wammy doesnt work. We have 2 guitars and it doesnt work on either of them. Weve tried going under options but it doesnt give us much explanation. What can we do or did we buy a bad game and we should take it back.

User Info: zeldas_lover

10 years ago#2
Turn your system off, unplug the wiimot and put it back in, make sure the whammy isnt pushed in at all. if that doesnt work, call activision
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User Info: paroe

10 years ago#3
umm... did you try calibrating the wammy? cus if the packers didnt do that for you(assuming it was a bundle pack) you need to to that, even if you just bought it from a store, calibrate it anyway, and then again to make sure its the guitar itself.

also, the games not whats bad, its the guitar,
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