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User Info: Hyozan

9 years ago#1
I only bought the bundle because it was cheaper than the Guitar Hero 5 one, but...I wanted to actually try this game out since I like Aerosmith.

Janie's Got a Gun?
Dude Looks Like a Lady?
Hole In My Soul?
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing?
Fly Away From Here?
Girls of Summer?

I could spend much more time listing big songs from this band that weren't even considered. It's a shame, NONE of my favorites were included in the game.

User Info: ElizabethLake

9 years ago#2
I would have preferred most of those too, gladly would give up the opener bands songs to swap them in.
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User Info: BartJojoSimpson

9 years ago#3
Pfft. Those are all poppy songs that real fans don't care about. There's just no other way to explain it: Drugs = better music. Go figure.
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User Info: Anon8492

9 years ago#4
I don't wanna miss a thing? Really? That sappy-ass song?

User Info: DarkishFriend

9 years ago#5
I have to say, I love Dude, Jaine and Hole In My Soul.
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