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User Info: MySimsBaby

10 years ago#11
I'm stuck in rocket reef. It won't let me train vic. All he says is "Let's check it out" or something. Can you help?
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User Info: Gamella

10 years ago#12
have you wired up the rocket spinner to the windmill thing yet ? that might be what vic wants for his training.

User Info: MySimsBaby

10 years ago#13
what the ride? yea. i only have the fishing task. i do not know what to do. =[
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User Info: MySimsBaby

10 years ago#14
i heard that u have to complete a task and the computer or electricity scroll at the same time. but i do not want to start over. so frustrating. can you make a walkthrough? the 2 there arent. and theyre not very helpful. =[
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User Info: walleyman923

10 years ago#15
Please help! Im trying to get all of my friendships to the highest rank possible, but no matter what i do, nothing is helping! I have beaten the game in every way except for this.

User Info: Katerinab

10 years ago#16

Could you please help get my dress back, lol.

My character was wearing a nice long green dress, the one she started with, but I changed her outfit, then decided I didn't like it, and want the green dress again, but I've looked in each category and it's disappeared!

How can I get it back again?

Also, why do I have the same outfits repeated in all categories?

I have a couple of new ones, but mostly the same ones show up no matter what category I'm in, eg. Modern apparel, Kingdom outfitters etc.

User Info: badgersrock

10 years ago#17
I have not gotten any of the additional tasks. 1 from rocket island, 1 from candypalooza, and 1 from forest of the elves. Am I missing a chest that these are in or do you get them at the end of the game. I have completed all of the other tasks on these islands and I go and talk to all of the people, but still no additional tasks.

User Info: quiltnick

10 years ago#18
how do you get the wires from the computer to the steam thingy at rocket reef? Ive tried everything but it always ends up being off to the side or to far up or to far down or somebody please help me

User Info: QueenViper417

10 years ago#19
Can you tell me a way to power the arcade i don't have a generator or any wires. I've tried talking to the professor and stuff but no help there.

User Info: Kahu_17

10 years ago#20
I can't find the forest prince suit. help?
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