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User Info: Anime_Fan35

1 year ago#1
Is it possible to use the Cain on the Shadowbroker? What happens if you do?

User Info: momo92

1 year ago#2
Yes you can use it on him. He's a boss so he will survive one shot most likely
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User Info: Anime_Fan35

1 year ago#3
I just got to the Shadowbroker and used the Cain on him. The back blast from the thing killed my Vanguard Shepard. So rather than try again I killed him the normal way. And I used the Cain as soon as the battle started as well. So no the Cain doesn't work since I don't think it killed the broker while killing Shepard.

User Info: BongSabre

11 months ago#4
You should use the arc canon. Less friendly, more fire.
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User Info: TheJonatron

3 weeks ago#5
Old question but it came up on google.
The Shadowbroker has three phases IIRC, gated between cutscenes so you can't kill him outright with it. It's tricky to get the shot off too. The most effective thing against him is Tempest followed by Mattock with whichever effective powers you have. Can be stripped in a few seconds by a Vanguard with Inferno Ammo, Energy Drain and Heavy Charge.
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User Info: pprincess

2 weeks ago#6
Broker is easy for Engineer, just keep a Drone on him. He has to melee the drone, and turns his back when he does it so you can shoot away. Put up another on him as soon as he kills the previous one. Explosive Drone does damage when it dies.
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