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User Info: JaycPyro

1 year ago#1
I was just wondering before I get into it , I’m neutral right now and I was wondering what will happen when the fight starts will I not able to keep there loyalty ? I’ve heard that will happen if u are , will have to choose a side if u are . Thinks for your info .
If by 'neutral' you mean you've been perfectly half Paragon and half Renegade so far, then yes, you will not be able to keep both characters loyal. Whichever character you don't back up in the argument will lose their loyalty.

There is a way to restore this lost loyalty but it involves an even higher Paragon/Renegade check, so it looks like you won't be able to have both of them loyal. Too bad.
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User Info: Kill4em1all2

9 months ago#3
This also applies to the Miranda/Jack argument.
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User Info: pprincess

2 weeks ago#4
Since this topic is still open, I’ll add a couple things. If you are just short on the Morality respec your class skill and get the higher added Morality score, 100% instead of 80%. Then buy the Death Mask and equip it for another 10% Persuasion, I believe the bonus still applied on the old game even back on the Normandy. The Death Mask should be in the Tuchanka shop of the varren guy.
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  3. Tali /legion fight (spoilers)
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