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User Info: darkmaian23

8 years ago#1
Do Batarians actually have any redeeming qualities? I haven't read any of the books, and all I've seen in the games is Batarians behaving ignorantly or doing downright nasty things. Attacking human colonies. Slaving. Torturing. Is this how the Batarians are as a species, or are we supposed to believe only a few of them are doing these things?

User Info: JowyBlightXXVII

8 years ago#2
All sci-fi universes need an "evil, sleazy" race. You meet one nice guy early in the station slums if you help him out who thanks you. And in ME 1 one of the terrorists can be convinced to stop what he's doing and help you out. But they're under an evil authoritarian govt. so I guess that's why they're bad.

User Info: magicfreak391L8

8 years ago#3
Garrus mentions having a Batarian tech expert in his team on Omega.
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User Info: TheJonatron

8 years ago#4
All we ever see are Batarian mercs, business men and slavers. They had a rather extreme culture to start with but when they were ejected from the Citadel that only aggravated things. The books so far as I recall offer better insight into their culture but still at their corrupt members. Although of course, the individual can still be morally upstanding even if their culture promotes dominance.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

8 years ago#5
Batarians are kinda like the Muslims of ME universe. All you here about and see is the bad stuff they do, just like real life. But of course you do meet the occaisional good one, just like real life, most of them are normal people.
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User Info: bonesplit

8 years ago#6
^ I see that too. I never read the books but based on the codex and game conversations, it seems the batarians take honor and trust very seriously, and maybe they can get greatly offended when they are lied to. If that's the case, I can see why they can't get along with the bureaucratic council who backstabbed them on the skilian verge. That, and they consider slavery an important part of their culture, just makes them easy to hate as a race.

User Info: DaBlackGamer

8 years ago#7
Not true, I don't remember the name of the planet but the details stated that: Humans and Batarians live together on a planet in the Terminus System it's just they had a Political war against that slave contracts and other issues. but in the end, Humans and Batarians still live in peace to this day I guest.
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User Info: trippinsands

8 years ago#8
^ Humans and Batarians do not live in peace with each other, there is always tension
between them.

Batarians are jealous because they (and a few other species) feel the council is
favoring humans. They were kicked out of the council and became more of a problem, but
a containable problem. Once humans started to colonize the Terminus system, the Batarians drew
a line in the sand and pretty much said the Terminus was theirs. And since the Council has no
jurisdiction in the Terminus, they did nothing but warn the Humans that if the Batarians cause them
problems on their colonies, the council would not intervene.

ME 1's dlc Bring Down the Sky goes a little more into the Batarian/ Human conflict and gives
you a better background history in the codex.

Humans have a lot of enemies in the ME universe, but none hate humans more than the
Batarians, and none would benefit more if humans were eliminated.

To be honest, the Batarians and Humans remind me more of the old Soviet Union vs the
United states.

User Info: trippinsands

8 years ago#9
And one of the reasons the Batarians hate humans so much is that they are spreading across
the galaxy very quickly and virtually unchecked. To add injury to insult, the humans saved the
Citadel from Saren, so now they are seen as the heroes of the galaxy, but still aren't
trusted by most species. Especially now that a human is on the council in only 22 yrs
from discovering their first Mass Relay. Most find that a bitter pill to swallow, and the Batarians
are especially taking it hard.

User Info: JowyBlightXXVII

8 years ago#10
One more thing about Batarians as Muslims-

immediately after meeting them in ME 1 you are given a codex about language talking about Arabic still being a human language.

If anything they seem to be based on the Barbary pirates.
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