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  3. List of decisions from ME1 that carry over to ME2...But what do they affect?

User Info: Faydwer

10 years ago#1
This list was taken from the Something Awful Forums Mass Effect 2 Thread

*spoilers* just in case

- Rich Yes/No

- Full Paragon/Renegade bar
- Paragon/Renegade points
- Childhood choice Spacer/Earthborn/Colonist
- Reputation choice Sole Survivor/War Hero/Ruthless
-?Quartermaster licenses all elkoss

Party Members:
- Garrus recruited Yes/No
- Wrex recruited Yes/No
- Garrus is Paragon/Renegade
- Tali side quest done Yes/No
- Romanced someone Yes/No
- Romanced Ashley/Kaidan/Liara

- Dr. Chloe Michel blackmailer Killed/Persuaded
- Asari Consort sidequest done Yes/No
- Asari Consort sexytime Yes/No
- Interview outcome Refused to do interview/Punch out/Apologize
- Had first conversation with The Fan (Conrad Verner) Yes/No
- The Fan last conversation outcome Paragon(Stay at home)/Renegade(Threaten)
- Harkin talked to Yes/No (tied in to Garrus recruitment)
- Accepted quest from Chorban to scan Keepers Yes/No
- Number of Keepers scanned
- Jahleed quest outcome (Chorban) Scared off/Killed
- Fist outcome Let go/Killed
- Old Friends quest (Earthborn background ONLY), talked to Finch Yes/No
- Old Friends quest (Earthborn background ONLY), Finch killed Yes/No
- Talked to your mom after talking to Lieutenant Zabaleta Yes/No (Spacer background ONLY, Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things)
- Citadel: I Remember Me (Colonist background ONLY), Talitha talked down from killing herself Yes/No
-?Possibly a 2nd check for Citadel: I Remember Me present, whether you Forced/Convinced Talitha to take the sedative
- Citadel: Homecoming Body returned to Samesh Yes/No
-?105a "And 105a might be relating to whether or not you gave Schnells the Salarian gambler his data or gave it to the bartender." OR Citadel: Reporter's Request Handed over data to the reporter Yes/No.

-?The company man (Ethan Jeong, ExoGeni Corporation representative) outcome good/good+ (outcomes listed here http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Ethan_Jeong, not sure which is which)
- Number of colonists killed
- Colony outcome Good+/Good/Fail/Renegade
- Possessed Asari (Shiala(Thorian plant)) Freed/Killed

- Gianna Helped(evidence handed over)/Betrayed/Evidence handed over to Lorik
- Han Olar talked to Yes/No
- Rachni Queen released Yes/No

- Wrex killed by player/killed by Ashley/killed by Ashley without permission
- Geth Flyers disabled Yes/No (Captain Kirrahe saved or not)
- Psyrana dead Yes/No (Asari assistant in one of the labs let go or not inside the facility)
- Rescued Ashley/Kaidan

- Old Council Saved/Killed
- Choice for new council Anderson/Udina
- Game complete Yes/No

- UNC:Hostile Takeover Accepted Money/Persuaded to disband gang
- Know about Slaver Asari quest Yes/No
- Slaver Asari quest outcome (Killed Sister) Yes/No
-?UNC: Lost Module, unsure what is actually tracked here. "unc:module says easter egg so I assume it means the silver sphere you find on that planet that has 3 pages of text http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Eletania#The_Vision"
-?UNC: Cerberus Heard of Cerberus Yes/No (ie did you do UNC: Missing Marines leading to this quest or not.
-?UNC: Hades' Dogs Cerberus files found. Not sure what is tracked, probably if you returned them or gave to the Shadow Broker.
- UNC: Hostage Chairman died Yes/No
- UNC: Hostage Biotics Surrendered/Killed
- UNC: Dead Scientists Killed Scientist/Convinced Corporal Toombs to lower weapon

DLC (Bring Down the Sky):

- Humans rescued Yes/No

Could we get a list of what these decisions actually affect or not?

User Info: Gr4mm3rN4z33

10 years ago#2
Fist shows up on Omega if you let him live. Helena Blake does as well, if you convince her to give up crime. I don't know what happens if you let her keep her gang.

The Corporal Toombs quest scientist is mentioned in the news as having been granted immunity or something like that, if he lives.

User Info: theshoveller

10 years ago#3
Alright, here's some stuff from what I remember in the first one that carried over to the second:

(Spoilers in here, somewhat.)

Being "rich" gives you an extra 100,000 Credits at the start of the game.

Finding lots of resource nodes in the first one gives you a boost to starter resources in this one.

Sparing Helena Blake and pointing her on the "righteous path" lets you run into her working as a charity worker on Omega, where she thanks you for turning her life around.

Sparing the Rachni queen on Noveria lets you run into an Asari who gives you a message about how she plans on keeping her children good and will "help you fight the darkness that spoiled her ancestors' songs."

Not killing Wrex on... Virmire, I think? He becomes leader of Clan Urdnot, who works to unite the Krogan clans on their home planet.

Whoever died on Virmire will still be dead-dead, no zombies or anything from them. The survivor you chose will meet up with you later on in the game with less than desirable results. Whoever died will, I think, have a scholarship set up in their name. For me, Kaiden died so a scholarship was set up to help biotic potential kids get into the Alliance's biotic training school.

If you did the Bring Down the Sky thing and saved the humans, I believe there will be a Galaxy News report about them being saved. Since I couldn't do it my first run through ME1 as I was beyond that point when I got it, they just hold a candlelight vigil in remembrance of those that died.

If you worked things out between the Biotic terrorists and the senator(?) that was held hostage in ME1, you'll find he went through with his reparations plan for L2 biotics, and there was much rejoice.

If you spared the Asari who was working with the creature on Feros, she will meet you on the Citadel and will need your help with another problem. Needless to say, she's feeling a little green around the tentacles.

If you saved the Council, they will thank you for that. Also, if you made Anderson the chairman for humanity, he'll be there still.

There's plenty of other little side quests that crop up and people shoot you emails from the results of them in the first one, but beyond that and maybe a few Galaxy News stories, not too much else is in there that I can think of.
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