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PhoenixAssassin 11 years ago#1
Freedom's progress

Heavy Weapon Ammo - After defeating the YMIR mech the upgrade is on another
YMIR mech at the other side of the area

Mordin recruit

Canifex Pistol - After speaking to Mordin he gives it to you

Assault Rifle Upgrade - It is right behind the barrier several enemies were
hiding behind towards the beginning of the mission. Very hard to miss.

Medi-gel Capacity - In the room across from where mordin is. It is on the
computer in the corner.

Recruit Archangel

SMG Upgrade - In a locked room across from where Cathka and his assistant

Tech Upgrade - In the building where you meet/defend archangel on the 1st
floor on a shelf near the stairs.

M-15 Vindicator Battle Rifle - The Rifle is sitting on the couch near Archangel.

Recruit Grunt

Sniper Rifle Upgrade - A few rooms after meeting the krogan clone, you'll
have to walk over the upgrade to proceed.

Krogan Vitality - Hack terminal in room with Okeer. Hard to miss.

Recruit Jack

Damage Protection - After freeing Jack, head down and scan one of the mechs.

Shotgun Upgrade - After defeating the 1st YMIR mech it on on the ground near
the door you need to go through to continue. Hard to miss.


Heavy Skin Weave - At the end of the 2nd fight it is on a dead Collector body. Hard to miss.

Collector Particle Beam - Where you 1st find the colonists in stasis it is in the
middle on the ground leaning up against a pod. Hard to miss.

Biotic Damage - After talking to the surviving colonist clear out the
enemies, then go up the stairs on the far right, and keep going forward. It
is on a collector body.

Recruit Justicar

Scimitar Assault Shotgun - After going up the elevator clear out the enemies
and go into the next room, as you enter to the right will be the shotgun on
the desk.

Biotic Damage Upgrade - In the same room where you picked up the shotgun is 3
doors, the one you came in from, the one at the top of the stairs you'll need
to take to continue, and a door at the bottom of the stairs. Go in that last
door. There will be a short conversation with an Asari Eclipse. Once that is
over go over to the terminal in the back of the room to get the upgrade.

Recruit Assassin

Viper Sniper Rifle - In the room where you take the elevator up it is on the
far side of the room on the ground near the terminal.

SMG Upgrade - After passing the weapon locker, and heading outside, clear out
the enemies and it is near the dead body on the right, before dropping down

Recruit Quarian

Heavy Pistol Upgrade - Right after going through the gate go up the ramp to
the right, follow it down until you can take a right that leads to a ramp
back down. At the bottom of the ramp is the upgrade sitting next to a dead

Tempest SMG - After the 1st fight, you come across 2 geth shooting at
something with their back to you. Take them out and pick up the smg next to
the dead Quarian.

Assualt Rifle Upgrade - After blowing up the pillar head inside, and pick up
the upgrade off the table.

Geth Pulse Rifle - In the room with Tali on the floor next to a geth. (I have only
seen this weapon once, and it was while playing on insanity, so it may not
always be there)

Its Jak, not Jack, not Jax, Jak
MadEvil 11 years ago#2
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PhoenixAssassin 11 years ago#3
Jack loyalty

Bio Damage Upgrade - When you hear jack say she must of come through this
room when she broke out but doesn't remember. check the terminal near the
chair for the upgrade

Miranda Loyalty

SMG Upgrade - After dealing with 2nd group of enemies head inside it is on
the desk

Medi-gel Capacity - After defeating the group of enemies right after picking
up the SMG upgrade, it is on a dead merc to the left of the blue electronic

Collector Ship

Damage Protection - After the scene that at the end lets you choose a weapon
specialization keep going forward, and up the slopes til you get to a terminal
straight ahead that has the upgrade.

Tech Damage - After defeating the Protean and the rest of the enemies head
through the door and check the terminal.

Tali Loyalty

Geth Shield Strength - After clearing out the 1st group of enemies proceed
into the hall and hack the door straight ahead. The upgrade is right inside.

Garrus Loyalty

Sniper upgrade - In room with fake id, hack the terminal.

Jacob Loyalty

Heavy Pistol Upgrade - After hacking the mechs to blow up and clear the path, clear out the next
group of mechs, and it is to the right with all the junk.

Grunt Loyalty

Shotgun upgrade - Awarded for completetion of the mission

Mordin Loyalty

Krogan Vitality - After the 1st dialogue with the krogan clan head up the
stairs, through the door, and the next door, then take an immidiate left
followed by another left into a room with a dead krogan body on a table. Hack
the terminal on the right side of the room for the upgrade.

Heavy Weapon Ammo - After the fight with the Varren and the Krogans (one of
which had a barrier) head down the stairs and hack the terminal against the
wall for the upgrade.

Samara Loyalty

Assault Rifle Upgrade - Back at Morinith's apartment it is mounted on the
wall under the sword.

IFF Mission

Sniper Upgrade - Just to the right of the husk that gets sniped by someone

heavy skin weave - after the 1st fight with a scion you are supposed to take
a path to the right, instead keep going straight and hack the terminal for
the upgrade

Shotgun Upgrade - After the cutscene showing the talking talking Geth
continue until you reacht the fight with a Scion. (and other enemies mixed in)
Head down the stairs and do a U-turn to find the upgrade on the table

Legion Loyalty

After the big open room with the 2 hackable turrets continue onward until you
go through a door that has windows on the other side. To the left is a
terminal that has the upgrade as soon as you hack it.

Its Jak, not Jack, not Jax, Jak
PhoenixAssassin 11 years ago#4
Squad chat upgrades

To get these upgrades, after recruiting someone just go and talk to them on the Normandy.
During the conversation select "Investigate" Then "[UPGRADES]" then "Yes"

Miranda - Scanner Upgrade
Archangel - Thanix Cannon
Mordin - 20% Tech Power Damage for Mordin
Jacob - Heavy Ship Armor
Grunt - Equips Grunt with Custom Claymore Shotgun
Samara - Extended Fuel Cells
Tali - Normandy Shield
Thane - Probe Expansion
jack - 20% Biotic Power Damage for Jack

Medi Gel Capacity - talk to Dr. Chakwas and ask if she needs anything,
she will ask for a bottle of Cherice Ice Brandy. Get it from any bar, and return
it to her for the upgrade



Omega Market
- Sniper Rifle Upgrade

Kenn's Salvage
- Heavy weapon ammo
- Shotgun upgrade


Serrice Technology
- Biotic Damage Upgrade
- Medi-Gel Capacity

Gateway Personal Defense
- Heavy Skin Weave
- SMG Upgrade
- Assault Rifle Upgrade


Ratch's Wares
- Heavy Weapon Ammo

Fortack's Database
- Assault Rifle Upgrade
- Biotic Damage Upgrade
- Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade
- Shotgun Damage Upgrade

The Citadel

Rodam Expeditions
- Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade
- Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade
- Submachine Gun Damage Upgrade

Saronis Applications
- Tech Power Damage
- Damage Protection Upgrade

Cirta Foundation
- Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade
Its Jak, not Jack, not Jax, Jak
MadEvil 11 years ago#5
PhoenixAssassin 11 years ago#6
Its Jak, not Jack, not Jax, Jak
PhoenixAssassin 11 years ago#7
fast board
Its Jak, not Jack, not Jax, Jak
Furio 11 years ago#8
you deserve a bump.
myztikrice 11 years ago#9
Should organize this by upgrade and not location
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outlawstar289 11 years ago#10
great list
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