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  3. specialist selection? (spoilers)
hashmeer2 11 years ago#1
i'm near the end and i just picked tali to be the specialist that goes through the ventilation because she has tech experience

but she died closing the door. i can't allow that because i love tali. is there someone else i'm supposed to use because now i have to reload and do that whole part over again
cmejia 11 years ago#2
I used Legion, but tali is a good choice too, is she loyal???
hashmeer2 11 years ago#3
every single person is loyal to me, so yes
tdpats12 11 years ago#4
Who did you pick for the other specialists? That can lead to deaths, too.
"Lots of ways to help people. Sometimes heal patients; sometimes execute dangerous people. Either way helps." - Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2
hashmeer2 11 years ago#5
i let samara lead the other team
cmejia 11 years ago#6
Well I chose Garrus to lead the second team, but there are a lot of different combinations, I heard samara works well on the second team too.
hashmeer2 11 years ago#7
so there is no way to save the person who goes through the vents?

i guess i'll just choose some unqualified person that i don't care about like jacob
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  3. specialist selection? (spoilers)
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