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Mewtwo 11 years ago#1
Just an opinion thread. I'll make sure not to spoil anything.

Me, I can't imagine anything other than warp ammo. I mean, c'mon: +50% to all damage? Godly. Barrier is pretty awesome though.

But Inferno Grenade? Really? Does anyone actually use Inferno Grenade?
LeBurns63 11 years ago#2
I don't know any better so I always get Geth shield.

How does this work anyway? I can spend 5,000 credits to pick a skill. I can spend another 5K and pick the same skill again, and again. I did this spending about 20k before I realized I wasn't really doing anything (I thought I was upgrading the bonus skill I had picked before). I was just trying to use up all my tech available.

So what exactly does this do and how do you get options to 'buy' bonus skills anyway?

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myztikrice 11 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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myztikrice 11 years ago#4
Each squad member has a blacked out power that you don't get until you finish their loyalty mission. Unlocking it for them unlocks it for you. The point is to be able to spend money to change between them, not choose the same one over again.

Best all-around has got to be Reave. Short cooldown, instant, ranged, and double damage against armor and barriers is just OP. AND it heals you AND it incapacitates people? Oh baby. People even recommend classes with Warp take this because it's so good. The ammo powers are good but can be gotten through squad ammo.

Inferno Grenade is awesome though, dunno what you're talking about. Damage is great, works against armor, is AOE, and makes anyone it hits writhe around in fire for a short moment. Looks and performs great.

Worst is probably Slam. Nobody picks it and nobody should. Or Shredder Ammo since there are just so many better ammo powers.
"Why are you always smiling?"
"'Cause it's all so f***in' hysterical."
K_I_R_E_E_K 11 years ago#5
I used warp ammo on my sentinel and infiltrator, i can't say it's bad. afterall it made things pretty easy, it's a good all round ammo.

Fortification isn't as good as geth shield or barrier because upgrades don't affect it like the other 2, but i love the apearence and the utility

Inferno grenade is not something i would use, but it's a instant "burn enemies" so it might be nice for classes without any fire ammo or techs, regarding damage it isn't THAT great

Slam has 2 caracteristics that make it pretty dam good, it's a biotic power with a small cooldown and it imobilizes the enemy at rank 4, so if you like flasgbang grenade, then you will love slam for sure, obviosly it attacks 1 enemy, but the cooldown makes up for it.

A fantastic use for it is reaper iif on a soldier, it was actually my choice, ppl say that conclusive shot can be used against them, but the cooldown is terrible, so slam is my recomendation, i pretty much used slam on every husk i could find, obviously i was using slam for it's 1st good feature wich was the cooldown.
Some ppl may use this power to gain time (rank 4 is quite nice) or to do a warp explosion

Shredder Ammo is also great, on my gameplay with the adept, my main concern was always to take out the defenses and then use powers to finish them off, so sometimes i would use my weapons to take out the shields at any cost.
With the engineer it's the other way around, i take defenses with my powers and then i shoot them to death, i used fortification, but i really like thane squad Shredder Ammo , because that's a good boost against health

Using Shredder Ammo as the extra power seems like a waste, because you can always bring thane for him to use the squad version wich isn't bad at all (60% boost for health on organics), 80% of a boost is by far the best, but there are already plenty of powers to deal with unprotected enemies, this ammo adds nothing substancial to make it better then other powers.

I never used reave, but seems like a fantastic power

My vote goes for Shredder Ammo, you can use other powers instead and still have the 60% boost version (if with thane loyal/alive)
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Mewtwo 11 years ago#6
If you like Inferno Grenade's damage, then I guess I've just been spoiled by Heavy Incinerate. I suppose class figures heavily into consideration, so as an engineer, I couldn't ever recommend Inferno Grenade.
Dangaard 11 years ago#7
If you have the DLC, I've heard Flash Grenade is extremely useful.
MajikHaat 11 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
MajikHaat 11 years ago#9
1. Reave
2. Warp Ammo
3. Stasis
4. Flashbang Grenade
5. Energy Drain
6. AP Ammo
7. Geth Shield Boost
8. Inferno Grenade
9. Dominate
10. Barrier
11. Slam
12. Neural Shock
13. Fortification
14. Shredder Ammo
myztikrice 11 years ago#10
Inferno Grenade is somewhere in the middle between Heavy and Area Incinerate in damage and spread, so it's damage is good and it has a nice effect. You wouldn't choose it on a character who already has Incinerate, but it isn't bad and it certainly isn't the worst.
"Why are you always smiling?"
"'Cause it's all so f***in' hysterical."
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