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  3. Kasumi Loyalty mission ending discussion. *Spoilers*

User Info: Costanza_K

11 years ago#1
Yeah. Spoilers. Stop reading if you didn't play it.

So I enjoyed Kasumi's mission. I made the mistake of taking a completely new character through it to fight all the heavily armed Blue Suns without any upgrades, but it was still fun. But what gets my mind racing was the ethical choice for Shepard and Kasumi at the end.

1. Keep the Greybox so Kasumi can hold onto the precious memories of her boyfriend, which forces Kasumi to disappear for good.
2. Destroy the data so that Kasumi won't be hunted down by every organized group of guntoters in the universe.

I can't help but think that even though there is no right answer to this dilemma, there could be a wrong answer. If there is a chance of Kasumi reappearing in ME3 then depending on the situation here you may not be able to recruit her in the new game.

If you kept the Greybox, then Kasumi would in fact disappear and you would never be able to find her again. OR. If you don't destroy the data, perhaps Kasumi comes back in need of your help because she's being cornered.

Choice one could go either way.

What do you guys think about the ME3 ramifications of this choice? And is there any hint that the DLC characters may appear in ME3? (I don't check out the Bioware forums or posts, so I wouldn't know.)
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Wait, doesn't that prove that you're a Trolling Moron?

User Info: something1092

11 years ago#2
What are you talking about Kasumi disappearing if you kept the box? That doesn't happen.

User Info: tdpats12

11 years ago#3
She doesn't disappear for good, either action keeps her and keeps her loyal, so pick the one you want.
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User Info: Ronin86

11 years ago#4
He's not talking about what happens in ME2, he's talking about possible ramifications for ME3 depending on your decision.

User Info: raptor1906

11 years ago#5
I didnt really understand the storyline for Kazumi maybe because i lost my concerntration to the beauty of the horizon. They were seriously the most beautiful landscape i've seen in ANY FORM of entertainment. Can someone actually explain to me in detail what is it about?

User Info: Costanza_K

11 years ago#6
Alright, the recovered Greybox contains Keigi's most precious memories, the time he spent with his girlfriend, Kasumi. They were really in love, as evidenced by the cutscene. And they were really precious memories. But Keigi used his precious memories as a cypher to encode the data he stole that could turn the entire galactic community against the human race in order to make sure that NO ONE but Kasumi could crack the code. As a result, the only way to destroy the data Keigi stole is to destroy the memories in their entirety.

Keigi's dying wish was for Kasumi to destroy the data so that she wouldn't be hunted for the rest of her life, most likely a short one considering what happened to Keigi, if she were to keep the data and the memories. And there you are posed with the ethical dilemma.

Keep the precious memories, go against Keigi's final wish, and be hunted for the rest of your life while staying as far off the grid and hidden from humanity as possible?

Or delete the dangerous data, go free from being chased by Mercs and Government agencies, while losing the most precious memories the two shared as per Keigi's final wish?

And the discussion is, "What are the possible ramifications of this choice going into ME3?" Story, emotional, or recruitment effects. Dealer's choice.

On a completely unrelated note, this whole situation may end up making a prequel for a Romantic relationship with Kasumi if she appeared in ME3, since Shepard was right there with her for the most vulnerable moment of her life.

And another thing, why does every chick in the ME universe sport a bosom tailored catsuit? I'm not complaining mind you, it's like looking at some fine art. It's just starting to become a pattern.
"--you only notice the trolls and morons (like attracts like), and my replies to them."~ Yasso
Wait, doesn't that prove that you're a Trolling Moron?

User Info: IDSmoker

11 years ago#7
"What are the possible ramifications of this choice going into ME3?"

If the past 'ME1 DLC ramifications on ME2' is anything to go on, your choice here will control which of 2 different emails you'll receive in ME3. I'll leave the exact wording of those emails up to the BioWare writers (wouldn't want to do all the work for them).

User Info: Planescaped

11 years ago#8
Since so many people have complained about ME1 choices in ME2 I highly doubt they will do the same thing. It will just more people to BAAAAWWWWW

If you kept the Graybox then you have the data in ME3 for use, if not then you have to go and steal said data again.

I imagine they will go all out for ME3.
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User Info: ilovemudding

11 years ago#9
The tamest consequence would be another "thank you" email. A step up from that would be the equivalent of giving the Geth data to Tali in ME1.

The most drastic consequence I can think of would be the presence of the greybox affecting Shepard's plans to muster an army against the Reapers.

Keiji said that the greybox had information that could spark off interstellar war. So if the contents of the greybox got out, maybe it would be harder to persuade other species to join the humans (maybe higher paragon/renegade scores required?).

User Info: TheUberKnight

11 years ago#10
I let her keep the Grey Box so she could have the memories of her lost friend.

It wasn't worth 7 dollars, but that was still a very fun mission, with one awesome level design.
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