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Ramner84 10 years ago#1
And I have to say wow its a great game. I don't see how the graphics are ps1 or ps2. Sure some of the animations are not the best but its a great game and its fun as hell.
So if you are on the fences its okay its a good fun game and I am sure if your a fan of FPS and or Duke then its a good game for you.
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Vivi0198 10 years ago#2
The way I see DNF is a giant gem that was never polished. The SP campaign was awesome but the graphics, framerate and load times are mediocre to terrible.

If only they polished the game. It may very well of been one of my favorites of the year.
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MathusRayn 10 years ago#3
Vivi0198 posted...
shiny gem that was never polished. .

How I picture most of you:
animamundus 10 years ago#4
"The SP campaign was awesome but the graphics, framerate and load times are mediocre to terrible. "

I do agree with these, but the graphics are fine, no the best, but no the worst.
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Vivi0198 10 years ago#5
MathusRayn posted...
Vivi0198 posted...
shiny gem that was never polished. .


Wow that makes me look dumb. Hahaha.
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GODx_x666 10 years ago#6
i like it too
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GODx_x666 10 years ago#8
if you like Duke and his mantastic way of being Duke then you will like this game also i dont have a video game budget so good or bad if i wanna buy it i buy it..32 pre orders strong....my gamestop loves me..
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BungalowDub420 10 years ago#9
So it's no surprise by now that this game got bad reviews, and left tons of people dissapointed, fans and newbies alike. I had the game pre-ordered, and had second thoughts before actually buying it... I thought to myself "how could even a decent game get such bad reviews?".. I was surprised because of how long this game was in development, I figured they had plenty of time to make sure it was good? All the advertising and hype... I couldn't believe it. But, because I played the original when it first came out (and enjoyed it), and I find myself repeating Duke quotes adnosium like a damn fool, I ultimately decided to go ahead and pick up my pre-order.

Before even throwing the game in the system, my expectations had gone from extremely high to fairly low because of what people were saying about the game. I knew it was probably going to be mediocre at best. So I put the game in, expecting something close to garbage.

I was laughing right away. Not at the game, but with the game, as the writers had intended. Now keep in mind, I am a pretty immature 28 year old ("pretty" being the key word there). For example, I think farts (and the smell of farts) can be pretty funny. Here I was, pissing in a urinal... like a long, Tom Hanks piss.... saying some goofy things, with that Clint Eastwood voice... picking up poop and making a mess all over the place. After reading the reviews / message boards, I thought I would be lucky to laugh 2 or 3 times throughout the whole single player campaign. However, just in the intro level, I was laughing my old ass off. And that is the least humerous part of the game.

Walking around the intro level, I was impressed by the amount of interactivity. Not that there is tons of it, but throughing the poop around as much as I wanted, the amount of phrases you hear before he starts to repeat himself, and the white board, where you could draw / write whatever you wanted. I was laughing more than any other xbox game I had played, and having much more fun than I had anticipated. (cont. p. 69)
BungalowDub420 10 years ago#10
p. 69

The first boss was so simple, yet so awesome.... and that's the thing about this game: it is an interesting little work of art in the sense that, everybody was expecting a state of the art FPS (myself included).. and DNF is not that. But here's the thing... I think it looks dated on purpose. Most of the graphics are pretty good, but some of the graphics are poor. Some textures, the huge alien ship in the sky, for example. But the smaller ships look awesome. I think some of the worst graphics are signs and posters, and when you see yourself in the mirror, but I think that is bad graphics on purpose. The posters and Duke's reflection are a total throw back to the original game. I think this because other people look much better than Duke. So when you realize that the game's shortcomings are intentional, then you begin to like the game even more, to the point where, well, I love this game. I look at it as a newer follow up to Duke 3D, which is exactly what it is. If it had been more polished, and more epic, then I don't know if I would like it as much as I like it now. A decent way to describe it would be like watching Schindler's List in full HD color.... would it be as good as the original black and white? Some people would think it would be better in color, but I like it just fine in black and white. I like how crappy DNF can look because it gives it a classic vibe that recalls the original game.

This is something that the current generation of gamers cant comprehend or appreciate. they have grown up with HD graphics, super ;polished game play, so thats what they expect... and when they dont get that, then the game sucks. But for people like me, who grew up playing the NES, then DNF has awesome graphics. Anything better, like CoD, Uncharted, Crysis, etc... thats all just bonus to me... yeah, those games look awesome, but DNF looks just fine as well. And I have not had as much fun playing those games as I am having with DNF. I love all the quotes, jokes, good graphics, bad graphics, turrets, remote control car gimmicks, I love it all. To me, it is like a sequel to the original, with a few more features and better graphics, which is what it is supposed to be.

I like how the levels feel realistic, in the same fashion as the first Half-Life... like, there are doors in places where you would expect, even though you might not be able to open them. The layout is convincing... I like how you could look out the hotel room and the streets below had traffic on them. In similar scenarios in CoD: Black Ops, you would look down at the streets, and there is zero traffic. So in some reguards, DNF is better than CoD in some ways. I like to use my imagination when I play games, and I like how the environments feel in DNF. I like the story too, how it totally makes fun of itself. New gamers dont understand sarcasm, or tongue-in-cheek jokes, so of course they think this game is garbage. But if you are like me, and you like porn and fart jokes, then this game is down right hilarious. Duke is the man. And this game is total vintage. It is a gift from the Gods, and the most fun I have had on xbox in a while (and I play all the top titles).. and it is nothing new or groundbreaking. Just a good homage to the original game, with the same vibe. I'm glad this is how the final game is... after playing it, I couldnt imagine it or desire it to be any different. I think it is perfect, but obviously not for everybody, especially jaded gamers who insist on everything being the best thing yet. Thank you Gearbox: I get it =)
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