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User Info: Id the Demon

Id the Demon
13 years ago#21
Wow 7ddrbreakdancer sounded like he really wanted more homosexual characters in the game. Just kidding but yes there is a codec conversation between Raiden and Plisken/Snake about vamp being bi with fortunes dad if you call snake enough after he gives you a gun.
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User Info: Lawman_316

13 years ago#22
As stated, it's said during a conversation in Metal Gear Solid 2 (I think right after the Harrier battle, though you may have to talk to Campbell multiple times) that Vamp is bisexual, both the lover of Scott Dolph, and (this I'm less sure of, but I believe he states this) romantically connected to Dolph's daughter, Fortune.

As for Liquid Snake, if you play Metal Gear Solid and check out the Briefing section of the game (where you view Campbell and Naomi briefing Snake on the mission) and choose the Liquid Snake portion, and read his background info as it scrolls about, he apparently spent most of his life living in England, which explains the accent. Doesn't explain if he's gay, though.

User Info: ddrbreakdancer7

13 years ago#23
idk bump is it true that u can see merly naked?

User Info: _Shuyin_

13 years ago#24
^ No. The closest to seeing Meryl naked is seeing her in her panties.

As for the original question - it's true that some characters in the MGS universe are either gay or bisexual. Here's a list of known homosexuals/bisexuals:

Scott Dolph - Bisexual
Vamp - Bisexual
EVA - Bisexual (moans The Boss and Snake's names in her sleep)
Raikov - Homosexual
Volgin - Bisexual

Despite Otacon's "fanboyishness" towards Snake, Otacon is straight (a known lover of his was Julie - Emma's mother). Raiden (despite what haters may say) is not gay (he has a child with Rose) and might even be a little bit of a homophobe.

Liquid Snake's sexuality is unknown.
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