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User Info: nightboy42

11 years ago#1
Im loving this game! Im on the second mission so far (just begun playing it). And my second objective is to repair my power station... I think its the one getting attacked at the beginning. But HOW do you repair stuff? Please help

User Info: souledge77

11 years ago#2
Sometimes when you click on a building then hold the cursor over a green arrow appears ( I think you may have to click on the engineer unit first ) when arrow appears click again and the engineer will go into the building and repair it :) I almost missed that one as never bothered checking the mission breifing just got carried away... all we need now is som proper c&c or war/starcraft ports :) and proper mission selection save!!!
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User Info: Komania

11 years ago#3
You can't repair that early, you just gotta kill all the units attacking the station.
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User Info: SamuraiChef

11 years ago#4
Exactly why I came online, I can't seem to find that out either. How in the heck is a Secondary Objective listed to repair the Power Station- yet no way of accomplishing it?

No where is there even a tutorial on the matter or anything for that matter, weak presentation, not for a complete beginner or the (RTS) genre.
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