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  3. How to Build station (any) pls help

User Info: Sentinel65536

11 years ago#1
I v played X 3 for a week now and still don t know how to build a station. There is a few explanations at forums but I cant find a way to start building it. Anyone pls help me:)

User Info: Gizmocat

11 years ago#2
1. Hire or buy a TL
2. Send TL to shipyard that sells the station you want
3. Buy station and load into TL
4. Send TL to sector where station is desired to be built - hope it doesn't get destroyed.
5. Fly to same sector as TL
6. Under the command console, use "Special" unload station.
7. Click on where you want station - don't forget to check all three directions to make sure of collision avoidance.
Stupidity got us into this mess - why can't it get us out?

User Info: dx900

11 years ago#3
Yes, like gizmo said.
Also keep your hub some distance away from your factory complex, if you ever build one, so that your ships don't collide with the structure.
TL= Transport Large.
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  3. How to Build station (any) pls help
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