Horrible demo

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User Info: UndercovaSmack

9 years ago#11
I'm buying it I loved the demo I play it all the time
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User Info: Saizen13

9 years ago#12
"The visuals are nice and I like the style but the gameplay was just poor. It seems to be a mindless button masher."

I couldn't agree more. I was really looking forward to this game, but there's no way I'm getting it after playing the demo. I expect easy to be a mode where you can just rock the computer and have fun with the game. You can plow through single player and move your way up. That way you can test the waters and get the controls down without worrying about getting your socks knocked off. They made it way too difficult on easy. I like playing seriously, but not on easy. This game is probably going to stress a lot of people out.
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User Info: unkling

9 years ago#13

UndercovaSmack posted...
I'm buying it I loved the demo I play it all the time

Me too. I freaking love this game. I just wish the demo wasn't so damn stingy with the alloted time they give you. When I first played it I was put off by the level of difficulty and the ping-pong style gameplay, but now I can hold my own on hard and learned how to pull off counters and combos easily. There's even hidden little combos and moves herea and there.

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