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User Info: Razor1896

9 years ago#1
AWESOME im not even kidding just played the demo and is really fun i was surprised and the cartoony graphics make it fun and not so serious. i might actually buy it.
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User Info: chalupa44

9 years ago#2
Different strokes for different folks I guess. I found this game too shallow and not very fun.

User Info: cynicwithin2000

9 years ago#3
Same here. This game would have been so awesome if they had kept the controls from Fight night Rd3 for it. Now it's just another button-masher.
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User Info: MOnStrMaN4522

9 years ago#4
i agree with razor, i think its really awesome, i cant wait till it comes out, ima buy it
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User Info: The_Mad_Gamer

9 years ago#5
Puked in a bucket after playing the demo 10 times and trying to like it.
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User Info: Blazinrican

9 years ago#6
This game is a gameplay mess. WTF is up with this button mashing, confusing BS for controls? I tried to get into it, but I'm not into button mashing, confusing, clunky controls. the cartoon graphics are actually kind of cool but this game is garbage. They delayed Fight Night Round 4 for this kinda crap? This is the WORST game I've played on the 360 so far. Sucks!
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