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User Info: KertDawg

12 years ago#1
I've gotten all 180 artifacts, all 18 red bricks, and gotten adventurer for both modes on all boards. That's a total of 90 gold bricks. I unlocked everything, purchased all characters, and I got A+ on 17 minigames. So, that's 107 gold bricks.

When I complete a level, it says that I have 107/108 gold bricks. Does anyone know how to get that last gold brick?


User Info: musicalityAA

12 years ago#2
To get 108 bricks you enter the room which has the machine to view the artifacts from each level. Stand in front of it and view every artifact you have collected and you will notice at the end you recieve an extra bonus artifact which will then register you have 108 bricks.
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