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User Info: DAN_XIII_97

10 months ago#1

I know, this game is very old and most people have figured out how to get the equipment they need, yadda yadda yadda.

So as many of you are aware, if you combine two items with the same effect, say a Fiery Saber and a Fiery Sword +2, you'll get an item with the burning prefix. Pretty standard stuff right?

Here's the next bit, you don't have to have two items with the same prefix, you can use a Fiery Sword and a Frosty Saber to get one of 4 items:
- Burning Sword
- Burning Saber
- Icy Sword
- Icy Saber
Pretty cool right?

And the last bit, through my most recent playthrough, I have been experimenting with the way Smithing works and have found it to be pretty easy to get the gear you want. All you need is the item with the effect you want, amazing luck and an item with no effect.

The last item can be anything you want and is not restricted by category of gear (weapon, shield or armour).

A great example of this is the Royal Saber +1 I just got, I fused a Mirage shield with a Sabre and got a Miracle Sabre (which comes before Royal), then I fused it with a regular Saber and got my Royal Saber +1.

This is a great way to cut down farming for weapons and is quite a reliable method of attaining great gear.

Thanks for reading, hope I was able to teach you something useful.

Have a great day!
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