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User Info: swoodard48

10 years ago#1
I'm at (royal heir) next-gen king, level 50 (max) guts 831/831, str. 362, def.350, agil.250,luck, amaz.(important in smithing!) glo. 761, exp. max, nex. 0, chp. max. apeteam saber+7 (mx) APT greatsheild+7(mx) APT fullbody arm.+7(mx). (glory goes up when U defeat apetron red) that's it. swoodard48 P.S. WHERE'S THE RED BANANAAAAA!!!!!

User Info: JKiii

10 years ago#2
Apeteam may be the same strength as Sacred. But Sacred can be upgraded to Divine, which is way better.

But my stats are way too to compare. Maybe its time I get back into this game :)

Anyway I just ran into the red banana when climbing the volcano in Gold. Still no one knows what its for or where the other banana's are

User Info: sykotek

10 years ago#3
I have a Royal Heir #1, Level 46, Guts 801
Strength 347, Defense 339, Agility 254
Luck Amazing, Glory 6710
Divine Banana Sword+7, Divine Banana Shield+7, Divine Banana Armor+7.
Chips 366542, All 14 Ape-Team members.

Missing Banannals 19, 40, 53

Besides grinding out the remaining levels, the only other thing I'd be slightly interested in would be finding this Red Banana I heard about while browsing this board, so I guess I'll wander around the Gold chapter for awhile. Thanks JKiii for stating where you last saw it.

User Info: sykotek

10 years ago#4
Okay, so I just ran into the "Red Banana" message in the Gold Chapter. I thought it would be an actual item, but its a pop-up message, it triggered as I was going up the stairs near Fennel Village, stating something along the lines of it being on the ground and it didn't hurt to pick it up. I'll grind around doing more quests in Gold for awhile before heading to Blue to see if another one comes up. My current stat changes are...

Level 47, Guts 811
Strength 352, Defense 343, Agility 257
Glory 6970, Chips 733386

Everything else remains the same from the last post as that was not that long ago.
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  3. (possible spoiler) I think I beat this game? I'll give my stats, U B the judge.
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