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User Info: hellfire000

5 years ago#1
I played Pokemon ranger when I was a baby and I wouldnt mind replaying the original. I retired for a long while and now I can get 1 of the 3 Ranger games for fairly cheap. I'm mostly unfamiliar with the generations after Diamond and Pearl.

---Which game is worth playing first?----
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User Info: ThatKipp

5 years ago#2
So here's what separates each version, this is assuming you remember some stuff from the first game like poke assists.

Pokemon Ranger:
- Hardest of the three (but it's still easy if you get good at the capture system and learn to exploit the assists)
- Shortest of the three, with the least content
- You can have Pokemon clear targets in the field, or have them help you in battle (called a Poke Assist)

Shadows of Almia:
- My personal favorite
- Instead of having to loop a Pokemon a set number of times, now there is a meter that fills up as you loop the Pokemon. When the meter is full, the Pokemon is captured. This changes a few things about the battle system and you'll learn them as you play.
- More Poke Assists than the first game (now there are 17, one for each type)
- 60 optional sidequests to complete
- More Pokemon than the first game (including Pokemon from Diamond & Pearl)
- You can now change your partner Pokemon (in the original you could only have Plusle or Minun depending on your gender). There's one partner Pokemon for every Poke Assist in the game. You can figure out what your favorite assist is, and choose a partner accordingly.

Guardian Signs
- You can only have one partner Pokemon, which is a Pichu that plays ukelele
- You can draw special signs to have Pokemon appear and assist you. These can be legendary Pokemon.
- Has unique multiplayer missions that are completely separate from the main game (they can be played alone)
- Poke Assists work differently. Instead of a Pokemon powering up your styler, you place it onto the battlefield and it attacks. I personally prefer the old system
- Even more Pokemon than the last game, a total of 301

All 3 games are really fun and have great music. I recommend the 2nd game but really any one is good, just choose whichever one you prefer.

User Info: hellfire000

5 years ago#3
Thanks a lot and you're right, I remember the first one being way harder and as I am older now, I yearned for a great challenge but instead, they dumbed it down in Shadows of Almia by making it easier. I am currently playing the Second game and you have convinced me outta the final sequel in the series :P
No one has the balls to fight these days. It's all about zoning & full screen fireballs
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User Info: Michael-Ike-9

5 years ago#5
Definitely Shadows of Almia. Absolutely amazing game.
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