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User Info: cROSEe

10 years ago#21

User Info: Eeveelution741

9 years ago#22

15. How do I get Regigigas?
Complete the browser. Capture Garchomp (Hippowdon Temple), Magmortar (Volcano Cave), and Gallade (Altru Tower). Go down the river under the Ranger Union, find the cave, use Garchomp on the statue. Capture Regirock. Go to Almia Castle. Go to the the room with Mismagius, use Magmortar on the statue. Capture Regice. Go to Chroma Ruins, search for Registeel's statue. (Sorry, not sure where it is.) Use Gallade on it. Capture Registeel. Go to Hippowdon Temple, to the Arrow Puzzle. In the middle is a vortex. Go down, do as instructed, and capture the hardest Pokemon in all of Ranger 2.

Registeel's statue is located just after the location where you meet Spiritomb, near the end of the dungeon.
PMD Dark Rescues: 44 | PMD Sky: Keep dying in Quicksand Cave.

User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#23
Very coolio yo!

User Info: Volt7x

9 years ago#24
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#25

From: Volt7x | #024
dratsab, did you know you are my hero?

No I didn't! Why, thank you.

User Info: star_man_300

8 years ago#26
A strategy that I've used is a good one I gave it the name the disappearing earthquake it consists of dark and ground type Pokemon

User Info: dratsab

8 years ago#27
Go Go Pokemon Ranger!
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
Greg "dratsab" Huffman

User Info: dohays

7 years ago#28
I need to know where I could find Swellow on the cargo ship

User Info: ZX_Lucian

7 years ago#29

From: JamieK1981 | #019
I have tried it and hate it, the game outright sucks and i love pokemon games, the capturing thing is crap and is near impossible to do and i circle around the damn thing 100s of times and it does nothing and when it does do something, i only have 1-2 seconds to do it again before i have to start from the beginning again.

sorry, but its crap end of story and a waste of money and i have seen several rangers in the show and the sodding pokemon does NOT move around or use special moves to avoid it, so why do they on here? poorly done and needs to be forgotten.

This guy has the right idea.

And despite the fact I agree with him, now that I have your attention, I love how you all flat out ignored my post.
...But can he/she/it/they see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

User Info: GoIdenAce

7 years ago#30
Eeveelution741 posted...
17. When will the Shaymin / Dialga / Palkia missions come out?
No one knows.

actually there was a mission for palkia and dialga but they were sent out at the begining of the release date, like over only 3 months.
unless you connected to ranger net before the end of those time periods then you cant get the missions, there names are:

"Dialga in Hia Valley!?" - mission with the female top ranger - takes place (through time travel) to before you graduated but after you joined the school
"Palkia in Haruba Desert!?" - mission with male top ranger - a straight path but you warp from location to location all around the map
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  2. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
  3. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia General FAQ *READ THIS FIRST!* Poss. Spoilers
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