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User Info: MaruKazeryu

9 years ago#1
and it's making the last boss impossible

I've managed to get to Chelsea's 5th phase in one go, but by then I'm lucky to have 2 or 3 hits left on me even with the bunny suit

no matter how many times I press the time button, it will not let me use any dolls, and I have 6.

am I doing something wrong?

User Info: Kawaii Mikage

Kawaii Mikage
9 years ago#2
In my experience, your dolls/elixirs are for whatever reason limited in the last battles.

User Info: LBoksha

9 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure they're not limited in any way.
Just to be sure, you are dying before trying to use them right?
You try to run away. But there's no escape! The enemy tries to run away. But there's no escape!

User Info: Kawaii Mikage

Kawaii Mikage
9 years ago#4
Well, it's true that you should be able to use at least one even if it's limited...
(This seems to be specific to certain versions of the game I guess. Mine is different.)

I'm sure Maru must be dying first though, because it makes it obvious when to press it.

Oh, but if you don't have enough Max Time Power to unlock Recall, it won't appear at all.
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