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  3. Sequel ever released with English Subtitles?

User Info: Tunipoe

2 years ago#1
See topic. I miss the old game and was hoping there was a new version for the (New) 3DS. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

User Info: Negima15

2 years ago#2

While there are Super Robot Taisen/Wars games being translated, this game's sequel isn't one of them. The closest you'll get to playing a "sequel" in English is Project X Zone. It has the same development team and the battle system is somewhat similar (in addition to that, it has Haken, Kaguya, Reiji, Xiaomu, and KOS-MOS as well).

If the first game's demo is still on the E-Shop you could try it out but take into account that unlike this game being a turn-based-ish RPG where you can travel around, Project X Zone is an SRPG with the battle sequences being initiated once a team meets an enemy on the map. The game's pacing is much slower than Endless Frontier's (which tends to be a common complaint). Furthermore, it's also a crossover with characters from numerous different properties (in addition to ones I've listed above there are characters from franchises like Tekken, Street Fighter, Valkyria Chronicles, the Tales series, Resonance of Fate, Resident Evil, Megaman X, Sakura Taisen, etc.).
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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

2 years ago#3
On top of that, Reiji and Xiaomu came from... Namco x Capcom prior to this which we never got either. So Namco x Capcom -> Endless Frontier -> Endless Frontier Sequel -> Project X Zone -> Project X Zone 2. Personally, despite the myriad characters in PXZ that I knew, it has a different playstyle and appeal than Endless Frontier. I have all 3 that we got, but this is the only one I'd played extensively.
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User Info: Tunipoe

2 years ago#4
That's a shame we won't get Endless Frontier's direct sequel. Though it seems Project X Zones 1&2 kind of imply what happened to the Endless Frontier people. (Or I'm reading into things.)

Thanks for the info everyone!

User Info: DemyX3087

2 years ago#5
The sequel is being fan translated.


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User Info: Tunipoe

2 years ago#6
Oh HELL yes.
I muddled my way through Namco x Capcom (I bought a legit copy at a con.)

I'm super psyched now! Thank you so much!

User Info: krikkz

2 years ago#7
welp, demyx3087 beat me to it on this forum :)

i can verify that translation is actively ongoing (and i'm hyped for it like nobody's business :p )

if anybody here could drop a hand in the translation, they'd surely appreciate it ;)
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