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User Info: Visord

11 years ago#1
It seems that the game has some sort of drama cd with it(first time checking the forums here, don't know if thats true) and an anon gave a summary of what happened there. Is it true that the game has a drama cd with it? I don't want to copypaste a huge amount of text and giving averyone false hopes >.>
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User Info: Visord

11 years ago#2
Arg, meant to say: and give anyone false hopes .Anyway, I'm gonna go and get some sleep now (way too tired now) and will post them when I wake up, even if they are fake.
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User Info: masterbionic

11 years ago#3
yes there is a drama CD with the game in Japan. seems some people already got it. so it must be true
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User Info: Visord

11 years ago#4
Ok then, as I said, take those with a grain of salt:
Drama track 2/3

Lemon: "W17, there's something I want to show you. Just you."

She brings her to the Zero Numbers' (W01-10) storage area.

Lemon: "Do you know who this is?"

W17: "This is... my face."

Lemon: "She's W07. Codename: Ashen Breidel. A battle android, who could be called your prototype."

They talk how she's for real battle, not piloting, which is why she's of no use in their current situation. Also. she has shotguns in her feet.

W17: "Why are you showing me this?"

Lemon: "They're going to be in the first, most unstable batch. They may end up lost forever in the space between worlds. I just wanted to let you meet
your sister."

W17: "Blah blah blah W numbers no blood relations not my sister prototype blah blah."

Lemon: (You ARE sisters. You and W07 are the only ones with that special code. You probably won't need it in this war, though.)
Lemon talking to Axel. Axel's only said anything good about the Numbers once, in W17's case.

The Beowulves show up, and Axel heads out to fight them, saying that he wants to settle things with them. Lemon says there's no way he'd be able to
follow them to the other side, but Axel says it's that sort of thinking that got them stuck in this position in the first place.

BGM switches to Chaos (OGs version).

Beowulf: "Shadow... Mirror..."

Axel: "Gespenst Mk III? Till the very end, it's him coming after us."

Beowulf goes on about creating worlds and silence and so on (the usual Einst stuff).

Axel says he's gotten worse; Lemon says his energy readings are even higher than before, and that there's something wrong with both Beowulf and his

Beowulf: "Destruction! Hahahahahahaha! Creation and destruction, creation and destruction, creation is destruction, creation of destruction!"

Axel finds it questionable if it's even possible to communicate with him.

Axel has Lemon leave first.

BGM: Dark Knight.

Axel: "Beowulves... No, Gespenst Mk III. I'm bidding farewell to this world. But I'm taking your head with me! Kyousuke Nanbu!"
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User Info: Visord

11 years ago#5
Drama track 3/3

Axel's still fighting the Beowulves. Apparently he has no problems handling everyone besides Kyousuke.

"Take this, Genbukoudan!"
"Only four left."
"Seiryuurin! Missed? How about THIS, then?"

?: "Destruction... silence..."
Axel: "You're one creepy bastard. Shut up, eh?"
?: "Destruction... Destruction..."
Axel: "Looks like Beowulf isn't the only one who went all funny."

*Explosions,etc etc*

Axel: "Only one left... you, Beowulf!"
Beowulf: "Axel... Almar...!"
Axel: "Sorry to keep you waiting. Time to join up with your cronies!"
Beowulf: "'Cronies'...? Same thing... Same body... Different changes... Hahahahaha... Create! Again! As always, simply create!"

Axel notes that there isn't much time left. He starts up the transport sequence.

Axel: "Showdown, Beowulf!"
Beowulf: "Win... lose... there is no meanin there. Destroyed or created, and you... die!"
(BGM: That Einst boss theme)
Axel: "I only understood that last bit. Just give it a try, Beowulf!"

*Explosions,etc etc*
(Kyousuke refers to his machine as the "Mark III" here)

Beowulf: "Ha... Hahahahahahahahaha!"
Axel: "Your right arm is mine!"
Beowulf: "Destruction, creation, sleeping ones, hahahahahahahahaha! There is no meaning in form, is there, is there not, is there right, is there left!" (organic sound effects)
Axel: "It grew back? No, wait...!"
Beowulf (now with echo): "Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"
Axel: "It's growing!? Is that the power you got, Beowulf!?"
Beowulf: "To create a world of silece, to remake...!" (Charge)
Axel: "You won't hit me!"
(Beowulf fires)

Axel: "This power even without a direct hit? It blew me all the way to the underground dock's hatch."

Axel: "150 seconds to the transfer. Even if I delay the sequence there's no point if the Lykeios is destroyed. In order to protect it and defeat him at the same time..."

(Footsteps approaching)

Axel: "Activation time set. Time lag, five seconds."

(Beowulf arrives)

Axel: "There you are. Time for our last showdown!"
Beowulf: "Create silence, amend!"
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User Info: Visord

11 years ago#6
The second part of the 3rd Drama track:

*Explosions,etc etc*

Axel: "There! Soulgain, full drive! Go to ****!"

Axel: "Beowulf. This dock's the last stop."
Beowulf: "Your's? Or this world's?"

Beowulf: "There is... nothing. Where is the ark.. of silence?"
Axel: "The transfer made it in time."
Beowulf; "Trans...fer?"
(BGM: The A main theme)
Axel: "Come on, Beowulf! You can't move freely in here with that size, can you!? Limiter removed, Code: Kirin! Soulgain, bring me victory! DEYAAAAAAAAAH!"
Beowulf: "Take it all! (<- Kyousuke's claymore line)"
Axel: "A direct hit!? Argh!"
Beowulf: "Create... silence... destruction, and... rebirth!"
Axel: "I... win!"
Axel: "I told you I'd be parting with this world. You can stay there and howl, at least till the Lykeios explodes."
Beowulf: "What...?"
Axel: "Farewell. We shall not meet again."
(Axel world jumps)
(Explosions, Beowulf going RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE)

Scene change.
BGM: That western-ish sounding thing from the official EF site.

Monologue by Harken. 23 years ago, a flying battleship crashed from out of nowhere changed the history of the world. This is w world where countless
worlds, peoples and even times are all mixed up, the Endless Frontier.

Ashen refers to Harken as "captain". They're investigating some place, apparently where the ship from 23 years ago.

Ashen activates Code DTD to GENBU SPIKE through a door.

Harken mentions that this is where he(!) and Ashen were found 23 years ago.
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User Info: Visord

11 years ago#7
And here is the first Drama Track (or at least I hope so, the anon with the game didn't specify)
Drama track 1:
Something heads at them really fast, alone. They think it's a tokki (ie- super robot), but the heat pattern says it's a PT. It speeds up.

Shadow Mirror soldier A: "OH NO THATS UWAAAAAAAA"

They all fire their split missiles at it and go "DIRECT HIT WE DID IT". Cue icky organic sound effects. It gets back up and starts owning them.

"My bullets aren't working!?"

"It's a monster!"

(No mention of what that is. Not that it's very hard to figure that out.)

Lemon: "We wanted to blah blah blah chaos but some stopped us so we, Shadow Mirror decided to carry out Plan EF: Endless Frontier; A project to travel to a world extremely close by yet infinitely far away (<- The A main theme)."

Yeah the first track is pretty small. The Cd also has 10 music tracks with it but no information about what they are yet.
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User Info: Shui Gor

Shui Gor
11 years ago#8
just from reading the transcript, the drama CD doesn't seem to offer much, other than give us a lengthy duel between axel and beowulf. i'm sort of disappointed, to say the least
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User Info: JL Lee

JL Lee
11 years ago#9
It's basically an attempt to link together the OG universes together, nothing else.

That, and a fairly nicely-acted scene of the big fight that we never got to see in either version of OG2.
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User Info: StriderTuna

11 years ago#10
I think that fight is worth having the disk. and it explains why exactly Axel went about tearing the Alt's arm off in OG2.
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