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  3. How to find out previous XBOX LIVE "Deal of the Week" ?

User Info: staufway

11 years ago#1
This game was the XBOX LIVE deal of the week, I was wondering if anyone knows where can I find out what were the previous weekly deals since Microsoft started doing weekly deals?

I have been holding out on a few games and addon....but it is possible that some of them already had been weekly deals (haven't kept track of all of them) and in that case, I should just cave in and get them now as I doubt the deal for the same content would repeat itself.

So does anyone know where I can find that information on previous weekly deals?


User Info: solaris32

11 years ago#2
According to the ads when I'm signed in to live on my 360, the deals are only available to those who purchase live. Don't know anything else.
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User Info: nix6six6

11 years ago#3
Your best bet is to check Major Nelson's site with the tag "deal"

This should have pretty much all of them. There will be a few other random "deals" mixed in but check this link.

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  3. How to find out previous XBOX LIVE "Deal of the Week" ?
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