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User Info: Devil_Dan

9 years ago#1
... I think the game is kinda OK. Standard for the most part, but they did find a use for Wall-e's cube form and his trash compacting. Also, I didn't have problems with his controls. A bit of a problem was getting onto moving platforms with no depth perception. But I read bad things about the controls for Eve and armed Wall-e. Is that really such a show stopper?

On a side note; I really liked the movie.

Also, the people in the movie seem to be really long lived. All the captains served for 120 - 140 years. With only six captains for 700 years.

User Info: captain_stew

9 years ago#2
The game is pretty solid, but i do have to agree with the eve controls. They suck!!! This game won't wow you with amazing graphics, or super original plots, but it's fun, and i'll enjoy it for awhile.
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