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User Info: ItronTime

10 years ago#11
96% the reviews are positive, but the few outliers at rottentomatoes.com are a battlefield for political rants atm

perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "split"

User Info: thevariant

10 years ago#12
yeah, but it never really pushed that point... it was obvious, but never in-your-face. great film.
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User Info: Compass

10 years ago#13
The film was brilliant, period, and I don't even really consider myself a Pixar fan. TC is hilariously off the mark.

User Info: Methadone16

10 years ago#14
I thought it was great, I took my 6 year old son to see it becuase the rain stopped us from enjoying the pool. I loved it, thought it was Pixars best movie in years (Incredibles and Cars was garbage IMO). The whole ecological lesson was good because it was a significant part of the movies story, yet it wasn't overly preachy, but can you really disagree with the point the movie is trying to make? I can't.

Also, I second that Portal simularities, I thought the same exact thing a few time during the movie.

User Info: DMan304

10 years ago#15
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: YoBrandino

10 years ago#16

Seriously one of the best movies. I loved it beyond belief.

And it did have good subtle points.

User Info: agentzero23

10 years ago#17
this is the best movie I have ever seen! Wall-E and Eve show a lot of emotion with so little dialogue

User Info: GabrielFreeman

10 years ago#18
My thoughts on the movie are pretty much summed up in this blog I did.

MY CALL OF DUTY 4 VS CRYSIS VIDEO - http://youtube.com/watch?v=gyQTCeobZlg
MY TOP 10 GAMES OF 2007 - http://sanjurotop10.blogspot.com/

User Info: fire_wheels

10 years ago#19
I was hoping the cockroach would die, but no.

User Info: Compass

10 years ago#20
I was hoping they would explain how he didn't die after being crunched. That was seriously the least realistic part of the film and it took me right out of the experience.
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