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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#1
--What's NEW in Survival Mode?
In Survival Mode you get the option of customizing your character's statistics while you play. This not only makes the game more interesting, but increases your odds of beating Survival Mode and unlocking those hard-as-heck Gold Characters. The neat thing about these modifications is that you can become as powerful if not MORE powerful than the Gold Characters themselves if you pick your stats properly.

--What can I expect to GET from playing Survival Mode?
Beating Black EX Daredevils unlocks the corresponding character's EX Mode.
Beating Gold Daredevils unlocks the corresponding character's Gold Mode.
Reaching Level 500 in Survival gives you Special Illustrations 2,3,4,5,6, and 7 in Gallery.
Reaching Level 1000 and completing Survival gives you Special Illustration 10.

--What are Stat Boosts?
Each time you defeat a Daredevil, you're given the option of increasing your stats or equipping a unique ability to your character. Here's a list of the stats you can increase:

--Attack: Affects Damage to enemies. Max is 20
--Defense: Affects Damage taken to yourself. Max is 20
--Speed: Affects reaction time, and spacing of moves/special attacks. Max is 20
--Tension Gain: Determines how much Tension Pulse you have, which determines how fast your Tension increases. Max is 20.
--Tension Start: Determines how much Tension you have at the start of each battle.
Max is 8. (2 increments = 25% Tension for Forcebreaks/FRCs,
4 increments = 50% Tension for Overdrives/Roman Cancels)
--Burst Rate: Determines how quickly it takes to recharge your Burst: Max is 20.
(Note that this only affects Defensive "Blue" Psych Burst Rate, as a Gold Burst or a "Missed" Blue Burst take just as long to recharge as Normal)
--Airdash: Determines how many airdashes you can do per jump. Max is +2.
(For characters Millia, Dizzy, and Justice this gives you a total of 5 Airdashes)
--Jump: Determines how many additional jumps you can perform after the first. Max is +2.
(For characters Chipp and Justice this gives you a total of 5 Jumps)

--What are Equips?
Sometimes when you defeat a Daredevil, you'll be given the option of equipping a unique ability. Some abilities are good, while some are not without their risk. I don't as of yet have a complete list of the equips as some may not have been found yet, but I'll do my best to list the majority of them in the next post or so. It's important to note that you are limited to THREE (3) equips at any given time, and should you equip a 4th, the earliest ability you equipped will be pushed out of the slots, so you need to decide carefully on which abilities you want to keep and how they benefit you and your skills in GG.

**More about Equips, Extra Options, and the Survival Lineup in the next sections!
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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#2
--What is the Survival Mode Lineup?

0020 – EX Black Anji
0040 – EX Black Venom
0060 – EX Black Faust
0080 – EX Black Baiken
0100 – EX Black Bridget (Hunter Saving)
0120 – EX Black Potemkin
0140 – EX Black Ky
0160 – EX Black Testament
0180 – EX Black Millia
0200 – EX Black Zappa
0220 – EX Black Chipp
0240 – EX Black Eddie
0260 – EX Black Axl
0280 – EX Black Slayer
0300 – EX Black Jam
0320 – EX Black May
0340 – EX Black Johnny (Guard Mist Finer)
0360 – EX Black Dizzy
0380 – EX Black Robo-Ky
0400 – EX Black I-no
0420 – EX Black Order-Sol
0440 – EX Black Sol
0460 – EX Black A.B.A. (Berserk Mode)
0480 – Black Kliff
0500 – Black Justice
0620 – GOLD Anji
0640 – GOLD Venom
0660 – GOLD Faust
0680 – GOLD Baiken
0700 – GOLD Bridget (Hunter Saving)
0720 – GOLD Potemkin (Soul of Zepp)
0740 – GOLD Ky
0760 – GOLD Testament
0780 – GOLD Millia
0800 – GOLD Zappa
0820 – GOLD Chipp
0840 – GOLD Eddie
0860 – GOLD Axl (Time Travelling)
0880 – GOLD Slayer (Vampire Form)
0900 – GOLD Jam
0910 – GOLD May (May’s Fist)
0920 – GOLD Johnny
0930 – GOLD Dizzy
0940 – GOLD Robo-Ky
0950 – GOLD I-no
0960 – GOLD Sol [Hyper Gunflame lolz] (Sheer Heart Attack)
0970 – GOLD A.B.A. (Berserk Mode)
0980 – GOLD Kliff
0990 – GOLD Justice [Has Infinite Tension]
0999 – GOLD Order-Sol

*Note that I indicate where some key Equips can be found after certain Daredevil battles.
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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#3
--So what are these equips?
More often than not you will find that beating certain Daredevils grants you a unique ability based on who you just won against. In most cases, this grants you an ability similar to that character. Here's a list of them:

--Max Health:
Not really an equip, but extremely useful if your Health is low/inadequate for the next match, but this is rarely necessary.

--Limit Break:
This is more than likely one of the first equips you'll come across. What this does is Max out the Opponent's guard gauge, but in exchange you cannot guard yourself and you take double the damage for any hits taken. You probably don't want to equip this unless you're in a hurry.

--Easy FRC:
You can gain this equip early on, and it certainly helps when fighting, though it isn't the most useful of abilities. It increases the active frames of a Force Roman Cancel to 20 and even turns them Blue for you so doing an FRC is easy now.

--Yellow RC:
This is an equip you can get early on, but still has the potential to be quite powerful. It reduces Tension useage by half. This means that all Force Roman Cancels cost 12% Tension and all Roman Cancels cost 25% Tension. Keep in mind this has no affect on Forcebreaks, Chaos RCs, or Overdrives in general, as they still cost the same.

--Chaos RC:
This is a monster of an equip and has the potential to be devastating early on, especially when coupled with Yellow RC. Chaos RC enables you to cancel Special Attacks, Overdrives, and Forcebreaks into eachother just by input alone (no 3-button pressing) at the minor cost of 25% Tension. This is especially useful for characters who can spam moves consecutively rather easily (like EX Order-Sol). Keep in mind though that mash-able moves such as Grand Viper may become difficult to pull off with this equip enabled as you may accidentally cancel into something else. Also note that Chaos RC works just the same as normal RCs in that moves have to "hit" the opponent (guarding or otherwise) in order to be cancelled. You can't Chaos RC projectiles, that's what Yellow RC is for (FRCs).

--Hunter Saving:
You can equip this after beating Black EX Bridget or Gold Bridget. What this does is reduce all your overall stats by a certain percentage in exchange for increasing how much experience you gain when you level up. If possible you should get something better than this.

--Bonus Up:
This increases the level jump gain you get for every "bonus" you achieve. This is determined by Gatling combos, whether or not you score a Perfect after the match, or if you ended the match with an Overdrive or Destroy Attack. It's a nice equip, but there are better ones out there.

--Experience Up:
This increases the rate at which you actually Level Up, especially nice for when you're low on Health as each Level increase nets you a little health back. Just note that you can't "skip" Daredevils no matter how fast your experience gain is.

--Guard Mist Finer:
You get this from defeating Black EX Johnny. Not the most useful of equips, but still useful against Gold Johnny. Basically it allows you to block Mist Finers when they are "unblockable" through means of Bacchus Sigh. I haven't tried it yet for certain, but it may also reduce the damage Mist Finer does when you fight Gold Johnny.

--More in the next post.
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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#4
--Flame Attack/Lightning Attack/Guard Flame/Guard Lighting:
This is only useful for certain characters such as Sol or Ky who have the ability to burn or stun their enemies. Most characters have some attack that can do this, although characters like ABA, Slayer, and Kliff do not. It's up to you what you want to do with these as they either increase your defense against the attack or increase the damage percentage when the attack is used...

--Guard Beat:
This equip would be somewhat more useful if the computer A.I. knew how to combo better. Guard Beat basically eliminates any damage you take after the first hit of a combo. Nice to have against tough players, but not so useful in Survival Mode.

An equip you can get from either Black EX A.B.A. or Gold A.B.A. Literally triples the damage you do by percentage, but in exchange puts your Health in a state of Poison. This ability is more useful when coupled with other abilites like Heal and Vampire Attack/Vampire Form.

--Soul of Zepp:
An extremely useful equip that can only be obtained when you defeat Gold Potemkin. If you have any thoughts that this equip isn't useful, dispose of them right now. This equip boosts both Attack and Defense stats by a percentage and is a nice addition to your already bolstered stats.

--Time Travelling:
Not really an equip so much as an "option" when you defeat Gold Axl as it doesn't remove your current stats or equipment. This sends you backwards 300 Levels and gives you a chance to increase your stats even further, though it's not really necessary, it might be fun to try getting other equips and trying them out.

This ability is nice to have in dire situations when you know you're low on health. Just blocking and being defensive with this ability will make things a lot easier on you.

--Vampire Form:
Quite possibly one of the most useful if not THE best equip in Survival Mode. It trumps Heal in that it enables Vampire Attack. What this does is net you Health increases for every hit you successfully land on an opponent. How much health you get back is determined by how much damage you actually do, and if you do a lot of damage...hehe, you get a lot of health back!

--May's Fist:
You can only get this ability by defeating Gold May, and it is quite the equip. Not only does it power-up your character's dizzy modifier potential per attack, but it makes it so that even dizzying Gold Characters is now possible! Nice equip to have if you plan on getting a Destroy Bonus on those Gold Characters.

--Sheer Heart Attack:
You can only get this ability by defeating Gold Sol. The thing about Gold Sol though, is that he has a super-powerful Gunflame this time around, so be careful, even with boosted stats. Once you get this ability, you probably won't have any other problems to worry about. This ability cranks your Attack stats to their absolute maximum I believe, and I think you get speed boosts too but I'm not too certain.
If you have a question about Guilty Gear, ask me anything!

User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#5
--Tips on beating Survival Mode:

--Know your character!
Each character benefits from something in equips, and some benefit more from equips than others! It helps you decide if you have a certain playing style to your character.

--Know your EX Character!!
Hey, sometimes it's just easier to use an EX Character in Survival, they have more moves and more options at their disposal, not to mention they're much cooler this time around in AC+

--What's more important?
Health? Level Gain? Tension? Depends on the character, but from my personal experience, Start Tension and Tension Gain are the two first stats I try to maximize before anything else, Attack is nice and Defense is nice...Speed is negligible though as that can mess up your combos. Just remember you have more options when you have Tension at any given time. Most matches are short so Burst may not matter as much. +2 to Jump is more useful than +2 to Airdash is...but it all depends on your playing style and how you tend to do combos.

--I'm having trouble with XX Gold Character!!
Really? Then maybe you should boost your stats more or look at matchups to see what moves you can exploit over them. While this game may not necessarily be the most balanced, it tends to be more balanced than other fighting games I've played...and the computer has a bad habit of not blocking on wake-up, so EXPLOIT what you can!

--What abilities do Gold Characters have?
Some are just crazy, like Permanent Dragon Install/Berserker Mode...others are kinda lame like extended invisibility. You can find that out when you unlock them all. If you're worried about not being able to unlock certain Gold characters...there's always Story Mode.

--Who's the best at Survival?
Hands down it's Justice, but EX Characters are no slouch. Pick who you like! Try and beat Survival with everybody!

--Is there a way to play "Classic" Survival?
Somewhat. But you have to either choose None (Dust) when the option to increase stats comes up, or choose "Gold" Survival Mode in the menu by Holding L1...but you can only do this when all the Golds are unlocked I believe.
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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#6
--Extra Menu
You can unlock Extra Menu after beating all Missions in Mission Mode.
--What modes does Extra Menu work in?
2P Versus, Versus CPU, and Training Mode...choose anything else and any settings you had previously will reset to default.

Here's the list of options in Extra Menu:Presets:
--Normal --Default settings.
--Simple --Boosts damage you do to enemies. Useful for beginners.
--Hyper --Makes everything hyper-fast, super bouncy, and full of Tension/Bursts and whatever else...nice to play once in a while, though doesn't allow for combos very well.
--Custom --whatever you want to set it up as.
--Copy --copies whatever the opposite player's settings are...for example if Player 1 sets his Tension to Infinite, Player 2 can select "Copy" to mimic it. Keep in mind Player 1 and Player 2 can have completely different settings...and in VS CPU mode, you still have to adjust Player 2's side for the CPU's settings to take effect.
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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#7

--Attack: Sets how much damage you do: Max is 20

--Defense: Sets how little damage you can take: Max is 20

--Speed: Sets how fast your character movements are, but also increases spacing for special attacks (i.e. an extremely WIDE Gunblaze). Max is 20 but not very useful for combos.

--Tension: Can be set to Normal/None/Increase/Infinity...Increase makes you gain Tension at a fast rate (made even faster with Max Tension Rate), Infinity is the same as having Infinite Tension like Black Characters.

--Tension Rate: Max is 20: sets the Tension "Pulse" for how fast you gain Tension depending on what you're doing...can also minimize Negative Penalty risk.

--Start Tension: Max is 8: 1 increment = 12% Tension (Blue), 2 = 25% Tension (Green),
4 = 50% Tension (Red), 6 = 75% Tension (Purple), 8 = 100% Tension (Gold). This setting ignores Rakusyo Taunts at the end of matches.

--Life: Can be set to Normal/Poison/Heal

--Burst: Can be set to Normal/None/Infinity...None disables Burst.

--Burst Rate: Max is 20: Tends to only affect Defensive Burst however...

--Guard: Can be set to Normal/Chokuzen/None: Chokuzen = Auto Perfect Guard, None disables Guard.

--Guard Level: Can be set to 0/-128/-64/+64/+128. +64 is Guard Gauge just prior to Counter-hit state. +128 is maximum with allowance of 4 Counterhits before going down.

--Kizetsu (Faint): Can be set On/Off...increases your dizzy rating frequency on counter-hits...similar to Saikyou Style in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

--Air Dash: Can be set to Normal/+1/+2/None. None disables Air Dashing.

--Air Jump: Can be set to Normal/+1/+2/None. None disables Jumping.

--Input Easy: Can be set On/Off...not sure what this does exactly for inputs as they haven't changed for me yet...if anyone finds out let me know...

--Easy FRC: Can be set to Off/5/10/15/20...the number is the given number of active frames for a particular move to be Force Roman Cancelled, in addition, the active frames are given a Blue Color to indicate when to do the FRC.

--Thunder Attack/Flame Attack: Can be set On/Off, increases damage of Thunder/Flame attacks by a percentage.

--Vampire Attack: Can be set On/Off, allows for a certain percentage of damage dealt to restore Health.

--Guard Thunder/Guard Flame: Can be set On/Off, increases defenses against Stun or Flame attacks by a percentage.

--Guard Mist Finer: Reduces damage done by Gold Johnny's Mist finer from 588 (Death) to about 210 or so...Not all that useful except in Survival Mode.

--Guard Beat: Eliminates all consecutive damage in a Beat Combo after the first hit. Useful when dealing with people who combo alot, not so useful in Survival Mode.

--Chaos RC: Can be set On/Off: Enables Chaos Roman Cancels which Cancel Special Moves/Overdrives/Forcebreaks that connect into eachother.

--Yellow RC: Can be set On/Off: Enables Yellow Roman Cancels which reduce Tension use of RCs and FRCs by half their original cost, ignores Forcebreaks, Overdrives, and Chaos RC.

--All W Bound (All Wall Bounce): Can be set to Normal/All B (All Bounce)/All S (All Stick)...this allows the walls to become super bouncy or super sticky depending on the setting...All Stick can change the hit properties of some moves, such as Sol's Sidewinder.

--All G Bound (All Floor Bounce): Can be set to Normal/All B (All Bounce): This coupled with All W Bound set to All B can make a "Rubber Room" effect in the game where characters bounce off the floors and walls for interesting combo situations.

--Default: resets everything.

--Exit: leaves Extra Menu.
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User Info: Mimeblade

13 years ago#8
Here's a set of Fun Settings to Try:

--Defense: 20
--Tension: Increase
--Tension Rate: 20
--Start Tension: 4
--Burst Rate: 20
--Guard: Chokuzen (Auto Perfect Guard)
--Guard Level: +128
--Air Dash: +2
--Air Jump: +2
--Input Easy: On
--Easy FRC: 20
--Vampire Attack: On
--Chaos RC: On
--Yellow RC: On
--All W Bound: All S
--All G Bound: Normal

This should make fights last a bit longer, but also force you to use FRCs and Forcebreaks more to get an advantage, plus it lets you practice counterhits and guarding...give it a try!
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User Info: UnknownXHunter

13 years ago#9

User Info: UnknownXHunter

13 years ago#10
U should submit this into the faqs and guide section
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