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User Info: Raginredneck316

11 years ago#1
#1 How does the player rating system work? Is it a number system, as in "99" being a top rated player etc?

#2 Can you edit any player you would like to edit in the game, rating and name wise or is their a limit to how much is allowed? I am big on creating players from the past and would love to recreate, say the entire major league rosters of 1984, whatever? Would this be possible?

#3 In the franchise mode can you control more than one team and/or atleast, have access to play all games on the schedule for all 30 teams. Sometimes its fun to just play a game between different teams, especially if you took the time to do what I said above in #2 and create them team by team, player by player

#4 How difficult are the controls? I used to play mvp baseball and mvp ncaa baseball for the ps2 and the controls were relatively easy, Is it really complex to pitch, hit and throw to bases or is it more of a ps2 style controls. One button to swing, one button to throw to each base, one button assigned to each pitch you throw, power bar etc?

Thanks in advance for the answering of any of these questions...I really appreciate your time.


11 years ago#2
The player rating is measured like a bar graph with numerous skills.

You can edit players numbers and ratings but you can't change names.

I think you can only control 1 team I may be wrong about that but you can only view the sports cast for other teams in franchise, no playing other teams games.

The controls are pretty easy after playing a couple of exhibition games you get used to mechanics and controls. Some things I need to get used to is the diving and jumping. I too am used to MVP baseball and say if there's a line drive to your shortstop in MVP you can easily dive and most likely make the stop or catch, not in this game. You have to not only time your dive but get the right direction of your players body to make the catch. Sometimes if there's a foul pop behind the plate and if your catcher doesn't hustle quickly enough to make the catch even if he's in the right direction of the ball he won't make the catch. In MVP if your guy is close enough to the ball marker it's almost like your glove is a suction cup when making plays this game tries to take a realistic approach to fielding.

I hope this was helpful for you, man. I bought this a month ago and I quickly gave up on it because it was too difficult at first but I recently started playing this again out of boredom and finally got the hang of it.

User Info: Mike1494

11 years ago#3
1. It goes from 0-99 but is represented as a bar.
2. You can create players or edit fake minor leaguers. Major leagues have their names and ages locked.
3. You can control 2 teams and you can play as other teams (I think, I could be wrong) but you have to manually go into their game and play it, no controlling their actual franchise.
4. The controls are pretty easy, especially after playing the much more difficult 09 and 10.
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