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User Info: tmdk421

12 years ago#1

Is there a provision in the show for a tie braker game to determine a divion title winner? this question came to me when my rtts players team finished aith a 90-72 record, same as the champ, but no tie braker game was played, i should also mention that the team my pleyer was was 2 games out of the wild card so that was not a factor in this.

User Info: poda521

12 years ago#2
there are usually no tie breaker games in MLB at all in real life. If it comes down to having the same record, the league picks the team with better Home record, and if that is the same, then they look at the two teams and see who won more against each other. I believe thats the way its done, don't quote me on that.
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User Info: Mike1494

12 years ago#3
Preyyy sure head to head takes precedent over everything else, but yeah, tiebreaker games are fairly uncommon.
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User Info: KBGiantsfan

12 years ago#4
Uncommon? The last three seasons in MLB have had tiebreaker games at the end of the season. This game just doesn't have them for some reason, not that I have seen anyways.
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