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User Info: xpage517

13 years ago#1
I have a problem when it comes to playing any 2k gm online with my ps3. I don't know what the problem is. I am able to play online with all my other games with no problem. I can go to the online screen and everything its just connecting to another player then it kicks me and says could not establish connection with other player. It's not just this game its any 2k game. does anyone know what my problem might me and how I could fix that because I really would love to be able to play my 2k games online that way i wouldn't have to buy these dang ea games then!!

User Info: 2kKing

13 years ago#2
I dont have a PS3, i rock on a xbox360, but i encounter the same problems as well with the 2K series....every other game i got i can play online no problem(COD:4, Rockband, Pure etc.) but then i get NBA 2K9 and i cant play a game online bcuz i cant connect with a host, and then i try to play MLB2K8 online and it will take forEVER to load to the online screen....and when it does it takes so effin' long to start a game.....AND THEN when you actually get a game going on to the 2K series the games are soo glitchy and the game no matter what you're playing it will say "waiting for oppenant" S.P?

I think that the 2K series online is so BOGUS but the games themselves are so awsome...i love the 2K sports series.
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