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User Info: richie021501

13 years ago#1
ok well I have mlb 08: the show and I love it. The only problem is that its to hard for me and I suck at it, and its really hard for me to have fun playing a game when I suck so bad.

So should I get this game??? I know "the show" is the better game, but I am willing to play an inferior game as long as its easier for me.

I have played the demo, but the options in that were really limited so I couldn't get a good feel for the game.


User Info: gloryxofxthis

13 years ago#2
rent it first. and if you like it, buy it

User Info: Panther_Dud_E3

13 years ago#3
this game is also hard, unless on rookie but then its too easy. but while u play franchise the difficulty becomes normal
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User Info: KOCChamp05

13 years ago#4
this game is BS! Plain and simple. The framerate is horrible and will they fix it? NO! However Xbox 360 gets its fixed with a patch...and apperently they submitted a patch for ps3 ages ago but its no where to be seen

Worst part is 2K doesn't even have the guts to come out and make a statement about it...its a slap in the face...i was a long time 2K Baseball fan after this i'm done...i picked up the Show and i'm not looking back

User Info: LA_CA

13 years ago#5
do NOT get this game. Get MLB 08: The Show if you want the true next-gen baseball experience

User Info: insane_clown

13 years ago#6
I just got it...

Yeah, framerate and graphics issues are present (plus I hate Joe Morgan), but I like the gameplay a lot better than The Show. It's a lot more intuitive than just pushing and holding buttons. That pushed it over the edge for me (although I could've gone either way very easily)
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