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User Info: gamspot11

7 years ago#1
Is it possible to buy 10x Resta and level them to 30 to get the title?

I just turned to MF late in the game (level 75) and want to get technics leveled up and the 2x bonus will help alot.

leveling resta to 30 is very easy with a rod (2.2k photons) on the hill of spores. I figured it'd be alot easier to get the title this way.

Also does anyone know if it's the amount of times u cast a technic or the amout of damage/hp that it does that makes the exp go up?

When in hill of spores im spamming resta, im curious i i wait and do bigger heals if itll level faster and use less photon chargers.

User Info: dunekisaragi

7 years ago#2
As far as I know, you can't just rebuy the technic and level it repeatedly. And for Technic exp, it's dependent on how many targets are affected, and by the amount of casts. So, basically, as long as you have a full party standing in some kind of continuous damage trap (like in Hill of Spores), you could easily achieve level 30 on Resta.

Buff spells are easier. Just cast repeatedly in front of a recharge cube, or carry Photon Charges. Run out of charges? Exit and repeat.

For debuffs, find a low level area with 5-6 monsters, and spam cast. Also easy.

That's 9 total there.

Reverser works well in Hill of Spores also.

Giresta is also a tech that can just simply be used anywhere repeatedly if I remember correctly.

Dizas/Rentis are also easy to level as long as you can find either:

A large group of monsters that do low damage, but you don't block too often for Dizas , or a spell trap like the barta jets in the Ice Caves for Rentis.

But mostly, if its a healing/buff spell, just carry along 3 NPC's, and spam cast. Pick a wand/TCSM for faster cast times of course. Preferably wand, as TCSM's don't fully recharge with a single Photon Charge.
There are 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.

User Info: gamspot11

7 years ago#3
Thanks dune,i have all the de buffs. I have the earth buff to soo il get on with those for now then il start farming. By the way, assuming you read this reply I'm currently using earth fields for my primary damage.have a50% shag hijaz.is the fireballs one with levelling? Diga I think?
It's so slow. Rest seem ok is it the better of the elements to level?

User Info: dunekisaragi

7 years ago#4
Well, if you plan on just sticking to a few attack techs, Diga is actually one of the strongest Single target techs in the game (if not the strongest).

A lot of the Nos and Dam series are also rather good when leveled up. But of course, depending on if you'd rather stick to tech casting primarily or not, you may want to focus on the Ra levels of spells of each element to target groups of enemies, and maybe the Dam versions, which easily destroy stationary enemies and just heavier targets. Basically, you usually get more use out of Ra/Dam techs in general.

Also, to have a steady output of damage, try to get a 50% Shag Hejiz of each element, and use a wand with the corresponding element of Technics. That way, you can easily switch to have elemental advantage at all times, and the Shaqs will do insane damage due to you being a MF, AND having elemental advantage.

I recommend, if you can stomach hunting for 6 of them, getting 6 Motav Prophecies (http://psupedia.info/PSP:Motav_Prophecy), as it boosts tech damage to 130% of its normal power. That, mixed with a Har/Quick should allow you to have the highest DPS of a pure caster character. Even better than a rod with over 2k TP. :P

Feel free to NOT hunt for a Motav for the Light Series techs, as the only attack tech for Light is really only good for enemies in the corner or on enemies immune to knockback. And it isn't necessary to have a setup for each element. Just try to make sure that, if you don't want to do that, that you can use techs that are at least neutral to the enemies type at all times :P

Hope I helped and didn't go around the question o.o. If so... meow? :3
There are 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.

User Info: Lindsay

7 years ago#5
To quickly level support techs go into multi-mode and the Eastern Peril mission. Select C rank so the baddies won't be an issue and charge on over to Block 2. If you're leveling the de-boosts go in alone and just keep using them over and over on the pack of 5 Ageeta at the start of B2 since the charge cube is right there! For the boosts & Giresta bring 3 NPCs and stand at the cube using them over and over. For Resta/Reverser have the NPCs and clear out B2 until you get the the poison traps. Just group up around them and cast away as you get hit/poisoned. I did this alllll the time in PSU and honestly never thought I'd end up doing it again but it made for an easy title get!
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User Info: dunekisaragi

7 years ago#6
Yea, I'm just lazy. I just go to Eco Protection on rank C, spam the debuffs on the 4-6 enemies that are there, and go to town. I just carry Photon Charges for when I run out of PP, since that keeps me from having to run to the end of the place.

I usually kill them, and then work on buff spells.
There are 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.

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