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User Info: gamspot11

7 years ago#1
Im really getting into this game at the moment and want to start farming decent equips but really dont know what is good and what is not...

I have no problem farming for hours to obtain items.. currently level 51

i am currently favoring a single Bulmier (?) dagger at grade 10 (A rank) with some flying thing that follows me around and fires 5 shots in a wide horizontal spread pattern.

I also use 2 handed sword, an axe, a sliver, have a pair of daylight scar which rock but kill me (read something about getting an armor slot upgrade to heal but no idea where or how to get it..)

Basically im looking for the standard advice on cookie cutter setups and how and where to obtain good leveling items and then where to locate/farm the BEST items.

I currently farm grinders on the offline mission in the colony at rank a as it takes 2-3 minutes.

I play a Fighmaster at the moment, had the default melee one before that - forget the name.

Never tried using Tech characters. Didn't really get on with Ranged characters as all the AI characters (i took Melee) just do absolutely nothing while im shooting at targets. I'd kinda hoiped they'd tank while I snipe but that's not the case at all..

Also, is there any way to get AI characteres that actually heal like a healing class should? Im sure I see some of my AI team mates healing from time to time but never when it's actually needed - often leaving the other team mates to die or whatever.. rather annoying some times. I want a class to sit at the back and heal the team and do nothing else.

Any help would be appreciated - i sort of looked aorund a few places (PSUPedia and stuff) but mostly found it a bit uncomprehendable, just looking for some real straight forward advice. Go here, kill this, do this mission for that, use this team setup etc.

Thanks :D

User Info: darknile

7 years ago#2
Well, you can pretty much just check PSUpedia weapons to see what you like and want to use. R-mags are great for techs like acrotecher and forces if you want to build a "wartecher/guntecher" with the jobs available in this game.

As for healing NPCs Most of the Partner Machines will heal you, but the 450 (Force type PM) and 480 or is that the 470 (male Force PM) keep you nice and healed. Maya is the only NPC that focuses on healing when you need it, but I think the PMs are a bit more reliable.
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User Info: dunekisaragi

7 years ago#3
As Far as equipment, it really is up to you. As long as you have something decent, the game isn't hard at all.

For the most part, PSU-Pedia does have pretty accurate info for most weapons. Course, not all, but that makes it fun anyways.

And your partner machine is basically the only NPC that is going to help you in any way.

440 and 410 (if I'm getting the name right; the Long Blade PM) are actually pretty nice damage dealers for the entire game compared to almost every other NPC. Healing spells are essentially pointless, as you get so much money, and healing items cost little to nothing, while activating the instant you select them, so you'd probably want to focus on just having a PM that actually does damage. Oh, and.... 480 has Paradi Cataract, one of the most sought after SUV weapons. 490 supposedly also does nice damage, but I find 410/440 to be the most useful. Course, just try them all out and pick out your favs, since 10k meseta is easily attainable after grabbing maybe one or two pieces of equips in an A/S rank mission.

And on a simple note, having people tell you exactly what to do/find makes any RPG pretty boring IMO. Half of the fun is finding things out for yourself, or just doing what you enjoy. For the most part, as a simple guide, just do the highest ranked mission for an area you can without getting obliterated in half a hit, and you'll not only gain decent exp, but you'll also find some nice items along the way.

And for the most part, yes, AI sucks, so playing a ranged/tech character = soloing most of the time, but its really not that bad.
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