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User Info: hinoshime

7 years ago#1
I check psupedia but it wasnt on the parts list, then again it wasnt the first time psupedia was wrong/lacked info. So I just want to clarify if there's a cast version of this and where might it be found (the clothes version can be found in desert terror as an area drop).

Also can an illuminus coat for casts be found? and where?

User Info: Lindsay

7 years ago#2
There wasn't one in PSU so there prolly isn't one in this game either. Prolly best bet is PS:P2. It stinks since I was a CAST in PSU and again in this game that I have to miss out on cool clothes like those... shoulda made a fleshie lol
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User Info: dunekisaragi

7 years ago#3
I know that there are cast versions of everything except the G. Formal, and the Illuminus coat. Course, seeing as bad as my luck is, and how long it took me to find the Cas-Oyal set, I bet there are Cast versions. I'll keep checking though, as I don't have much else to do except find items people can't find o.o
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User Info: darknile

7 years ago#4
Certain clothing you won't be able to find as CAST parts. The clothing you've just described is some of them. There are only CAST-Yukata, Mikuna Set, Formal Dress, Bikini, swimsuit, etc. but no Guardian formal or Illuminus coat. I think they have alternative parts or something like Musashi/Illuminus parts or something though.
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User Info: TidusFan25

7 years ago#5
I was like 0.0 an Iluminus Coat, Epic!
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