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User Info: ChronoFlareZero

11 years ago#1
Table of Contents
1. General FAQS
Technical Issues
*English Patches? English release?
*Why do I get a black screen?

Story Mode Issues
*What am I supposed to be doing next?
*How do I skip cutscenes?
*Is there multiple endings?
*What happens when I complete the game?

Gameplay Issues
*What is a Title? Achievements?
*How can I change jobs/types/class? Where?
*How many GUARDIAN battle types are there? What are they?
*How can I preform an SUV? Nanoblast?
*First-person view? What about 'em Goggles?

*Is there a website in which I can learn more?

2.Menu Translation + Pictures
1.General FAQs
Technical Issues
Q: English Patches? English Release?
A: No, PSP does not have an English option. As of this post, there are no announcements concerning of a possible release of PSP. As of this post, I don't think there's anyone even developing one, yet. If you're a veteran PSU player, then you shouldn't have any problems progressing through this game.

Q: Why do I get a black screen and can't progress after the logo?
A: This game can only run via .ISO file, not .CSO or .DAX, or whatever compression methods you might use. This is probably due to the fact that the game is heavily compressed as it is, and compressing it further will just make the game unreadable.
Story Mode Issues
Q: What am I supposed to be doing next?
A: There comes a time where you must talk to everyone with a blinking icon in order to progress. Or, attempt to try and finish a Free Mission. Or try to head into a GUARDIAN's branch on a planet to see if there's a cutscene. Sometimes you need to have a certain party formation in order to progress.

Q: How can I skip cutscenes?
A: Press and hold Start to skip the current scene. However, sometimes you need to answer a question. If you don't care about the ending you get, then do whatever.

Q: Is there multiple endings?
A: Yes. Depending on how much you're nice you are or how much you bash Vivienne, you'll
get a different ending.

Q: What happens when I complete the game?
A: For one, several bonuses are unlocked. You can purchase additonal clothing, additional PM Devices, new areas, and a bunch of other stuff. You'll also have the ability to start a new game with all your stuff intact. Levels, items, everything. It's to give you a chance to get a different ending. Check out my other topic if you need detailed info on the bonuses.
Gameplay Issues
Q: Titles? Achievements?
A: If you achieve certain goals during a mission, you'll get a Title along with an item. It'll notify you when you head into your room at the G-Colony. Check my picture guide below to find out how to obtain them.

Q: How can I change jobs? Where?
A: At the HQ in the GUARDIAN's Colony, you'll notice an icon with 3 arrows. Select it and you'll see a list of types you can choose, with a small fee. This function is only unlocked a few chapters into Story Mode. I believe it was either Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

Q: How many GUARDIAN battle types are there? What are they?
A: There are 8 total, and in this order.
*Fighmaster (improved Hunter)
*Gunmaster (improved Ranger)
*Masterforce (improved Force)
*Acromaster (combines Hunter/Ranger, with a little bit of Force)
*Proranser (traps specialists, Hunter/Ranger strengths with a bit of Force. Weak at first)
Note that the items that drop during your mission runs differs on the current class
you're using. If you're a Ranger/Gunmaster, you're more likely to get rifles and ect. Think ahead.

User Info: ChronoFlareZero

11 years ago#2
Q: How can I preform an SUV? Or Nanoblast?
A: To preform an SUV, you MUST be a CAST at level 20 or higher. Then buy a SUV unit at a Units store. A gauge just below your EXP bar on the field will fill up as you damage enemies and recieve damage. Preform the on-screen command while NOT moving to preform the SUV.

To preform a Nanoblast, you MUST be a Beast at level 20 or higher. Then head to the G-Colony. More specifically, Luminass. An option to apply a tattoo will be available at the bottom. Different tattoos provide different effects. Nanoblast results that are:

Red: Increased Strength
Yellow: Increased Accuracy
Blue: Increased Defence/TECH Defence
Purple: Invincibility (lasts only half the time of the previous 3)

Q: FPS? What about 'em Goggles?
A: Pressing Select will activate FPV, and more precise aiming with ranged weapons (some of 'em). If you have Goggles in your inventory (should be one of the first achievements you earn), press either L or R to activate them while in FPV. You do not need to add them to your Action Palette.

Q: Is there a website in which I can learn more?
A: Certainly. (http://psupedia.info/Phantasy_Star_Portable)
Only stick to the PSP side of the website. While PSU and PSP are the same game, things may differ. Alot.

2.Menu Pictures + Translation
These are NOT direct translations. =D

Menu (When pressing START in-game)
Basic Menu
Player Information
Player Stats (I'm showing off here... <<)
View Items
Party Menu
Other Options

Menu List
Shops List
Your Room
Various Logs
Item Box
PM Options

Menu List
Shops List

Menu List
Shops List

Menu List
Shops List

User Info: tacticalbread

11 years ago#3
you sir, are epic.
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User Info: z026445

11 years ago#4
When you start the game over, you lose all your items.
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User Info: Neopurgatory

11 years ago#5
Sweet One Chrono =D

User Info: Samurai-Nevius

11 years ago#6
Thanks a lot

User Info: JohnnykeyXP

11 years ago#7
If you didn´t add any images comparing to the old topic, i have to say that you should post the image of a weapon stats like you see it on a shop. I think i´m getting the hang of that but just wanna confirm, specially what´s inside the ()s >_>

User Info: CricketJam

11 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ShadowedAsh

11 years ago#9
Tag for future reference. Nice guide.
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User Info: zanthedcc

11 years ago#10
If you didn´t add any images comparing to the old topic, i have to say that you should post the image of a weapon stats like you see it on a shop. I think i´m getting the hang of that but just wanna confirm, specially what´s inside the ()s >_>

I think what's inside the ( )'s are the stats after the weapon is equipped, or the requirement to use it.(Requirement is at the bottom, I think)
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