Your favorite team so far

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User Info: Aries489

10 years ago#1
Talia Madison, Maria Kanellis. My fav hotties.

User Info: caimot

10 years ago#2 trying to get more team at the moment is Fuma, Zhou Tai, and that thunder sword useing SW chick....

chima chima choo choo!

User Info: snesmaster40

10 years ago#3
^That's Ginchiyo Tachibana

My team at the moment is Nobunaga, Hideoyoshi, and Mitsuhide. Hideoyoshi is my main crowd clearer, while Mitsuhide is the cheap attack guy.
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User Info: nic2000

10 years ago#4
Guan Yu, Ginchiyo Tachibana and the hammer dude.

Nobunaga, Hideoyoshi and the tailsman guy.
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