Story mode?

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User Info: weefred

9 years ago#1
I was wondering,is this game same as all other DW game which each character have their own story? or is it a single huge campaign which all warrior team up to beat orochi?it would be nice if it is.

User Info: jake64444

9 years ago#2

the story mode is made up of 4 different story lines 1 for each force wu, shu, wei and samurai warriors. the overall story is that they team up and kill orochi other then that they differ ever so slightly but that contributes very little to the overall game experience

User Info: weefred

9 years ago#3
Damn,i was hoping that you can use all character in a single campaign.Just like marvel ultimate alliance.oh well.thanks for answering my uestion.

User Info: Everoth

9 years ago#4
just play free mode?
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User Info: weefred

9 years ago#5
But Freemode is only unlock after you play story mode right?

User Info: Rydain

9 years ago#6
Free mode lets you play any battle and any characters you have unlocked in story mode. Story mode limits you to a particular faction until you clear the story. After you complete a story mode, you can play any of your unlocked characters in that story mode. This can be helpful for unlocking more characters (which must be done in story mode), efficiently farming weapons, etc.
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