Failing Mission

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User Info: Kyosuke225

10 years ago#1
Im currently playing the Jap version and yeah i have no idea how to read jap so this kind of sucks for me. I just started so im at the stage 2 mission i believe? on the Shu Dynasty storymode. I keep on failing at random times when my characters arent even dead yet or my comrades anyone know why?

User Info: victorinox12

10 years ago#2
you have to get to the end befor a certian point

User Info: Rainarrow

10 years ago#3
Stage 2 of Shu should be the one with a prison-cart that holds Yue Ying prisoner in the middle of map. Once you rescue her, the mission is to escape with her to the north of the map, or defeat Dan Ji, who will appear at the south of the map after you rescued Yue Ying. Meanwhile, you must keep both your commander(the one with a 4-character Japanese name) and Yue Ying alive. I think you encounter mission failure because one of them is dead.

User Info: nic2000

10 years ago#4
just protect her, she's a ass. she will rush to zhu ge liang alone and try to fight him.

User Info: MoxManiac

10 years ago#5
Yes, Yue Ying will die within seconds if she leaves your minimap, so follow her religiously. The commander, Yoshihisa Shimazu, should be able to hold his own long enough (but not forever!)

User Info: sou

10 years ago#6
Yue Ying doesn't have any bodyguard, so she dies almost instantly if you let her leave your sight and into the enemy.
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