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User Info: ahh_boi

10 years ago#1
Anyone who has this game in PSP experiance slow down??? Or is it just me??

It gets really iritating when there large groups of enemies! :(

User Info: Rizuna

10 years ago#2
probably ur firmware.

i experience lag using 3.4 OE but ok in 3.8M33.

User Info: ahh_boi

10 years ago#3
Oh.... Mine was 3.3 OE-A.......

So what should i do?? Buy a new PSP?? Hopefully not......

Anyways that i can upgrade it??


User Info: victorinox12

10 years ago#4
upgrade mines perfect lol

User Info: caimot

10 years ago#5
upgrade to at least 3.71 m33
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User Info: Nnamz

10 years ago#6
I've experienced no slow down what so ever. None at all, even with like a billion guys on screen and pummeling them.

If you have CFW set your clock speed to 333mhz.
PSN ID: Nnamz

User Info: LeonaV

10 years ago#7
I thought the game will force you to upgrade when you first start it?

User Info: ahh_boi

10 years ago#8
Nope. It didnt..... Maybe i wasnt connected to internet?


User Info: monk12345

10 years ago#9
Only time were truly experience slowdown(MASSIVE SLOWDOWN was during the last stage with all those invisible soldiers.
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User Info: Rainarrow

10 years ago#10
I'm at the last stage of Shu now, and have experienced no noticeable slowdown. my CFW is 3.71 M33-4, and is running an ISO with the default loader(need UMD mode) at default CPU clock, so I think either the game set the CPU to 333 automatically or you don't need 333 to run the game smoothly.

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